Posted by: Author | March 21, 2013

Another New Cover- A 20th Century Historical Novel

I love this cover. It shows the corridor of the Queen Mary with some spirits at the end of the hallway. Check out that knife, too. *shivers*

This one is coming April 21, 2013 from Desert Breeze Publishing. 562724_10151314229227027_1418811812_n

Bernadette McSwain’s family has a strong connection to the Queen Mary ocean liner. They’re invited to sail on the Queen’s final voyage to her new home in Long Beach, California in 1967. Bernadette and her cousin, Michel are writing a book on the spirits who haunt the mighty ship. Bernadette’s psychic abilities help in their research. They meet a young Spanish grandee, Lazarus Garcia, who’s on the ship as a chef to learn to run his own first class restaurant. He’s surrounded by anguished spirits whom Bernadette can see. When passengers start to die in violent ways, Bernadette suspects Lazarus of the crimes. This suspicion causes a rift between the cousins as Michel has befriended the Spaniard. As the voyage continues and Lazarus tries to charm her, Bernadette must make a decision about him or face losing her cousin, both literally and figuratively.


  1. That is an AWESOME cover. And a very intriguing story. I’m guessing I’ll be reading this with all the lights on?

    • Thanks! I love it. It’s not THAT scary. There is blood and a body count, though. Lol

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