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Wonderful Guest – Joan Chandler

My dear friend, Joan Chandler has a new book out on the 17th of this month and it’s up for preorder right now. Joan’s book is called Bama Bride and she knows of whence she speaks being a resident of that great state. Sit back and enjoy her post, blurb and excerpt and then say hello to her!

JOAN: Hi, Jillian! It’s a pleasure to be stopping by today. I am excited about the opportunity to share my newest book, Bama Bride, with your readers.
As most people can tell from the cover, it’s set in the college town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. But for all the LSU and Georgia fans out there, don’t let that put you off. The school isn’t a main character. LOL.
The book is all about a southern girl who meets a Boston man, and how their love story plays out. I have always been intrigued by this idea of how distance can be such a catalyst in any relationship where couples are separated yet trying to make a go of love. It seems to make quick work of either making or breaking them.
But sometimes, the chemistry between a man and woman is so perfect that they are compelled to pursue that chance at true love, even though it’s a long shot. There is still no guarantee they can make it work, but they’re willing to try.
That’s exactly the case with Neal Sinclair and David Bankston. I hope your readers will enjoy this glimpse into their story.
The book is set for an April 17th release date, through Bookstrand Publishing. And it will be available on Amazon and B & N shortly thereafter. The link below will take you to Bama Bride or click the cover.

Neal Sinclair is starting her senior year at the University of Alabama. When she spots David Bankston at a local bar, she’s convinced she’s come face to face with the man of her dreams. He’s tall, dark and handsome, and wears a Stetson like nobody’s business.
When they dance, inner passion heats up while inhibitions melt away. Soon, Neal’s accepting David’s offer to go back to his hotel. Once there, she discovers that he’s not a southern boy at all. In fact, he’s a Boston architect, in Tuscaloosa for one night only.
David’s charm and worldly appeal are irresistible, and Neal falls under his spell. They share the night, and when the inevitable separation comes in the morning, they struggle to walk away from something that caught them both by surprise. But he has a plane to catch. And it won’t wait.
Time doesn’t diminish the ache Neal feels after his departure. A few months pass and she doesn’t hear from David. She assumes he’s moved on with his life. Then, unexpectedly, he sends her a gift and admits he’s never forgotten her. He even arranges for them to travel together to watch her beloved Crimson Tide play in a football bowl game.
Together again, they’re determined to make it work. They know all too well the emptiness they felt after their first separation. Neal and David work out a plan to see each other as often as possible. In between times they perfect the art of true communication.
But It seems distance isn’t the only thing standing in their way. Unbeknownst to Neal, her overprotective father is, too. With so many forces conspiring against them, can a natural disaster reunite them? After surviving a tornado, the lovers finally overcome all obstacles to find their own happily ever after.



“Hey, Cowboy. How about a dance?” As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she cringed. Wow, even to my own ears that sounded way too cheesy.
She looked him over as he stood with the sole of one boot propped against the wall, and a Stetson tilted back atop his head. He had sinfully good looks, and his olive complexion and wavy black hair gave him a swarthy, pirate-like appeal.
“Evening, ma’am,” he nodded but his gaze toward the room, never lingering in one place too long. Clearly, she had been dismissed.
So much for my skill at playing the vamp. This is shaping up to be an epic fail.
With each swig he took from that long necked beer bottle, however, she found herself wanting nothing more than to offer to lick off the moisture that clung to his mouth after every swallow. She decided not to give up so easily.
“You’re about empty. How about a second round? My treat?”
He locked eyes with her then, and humor glinted in his. The gorgeous stranger rewarded her with a dazzling smile even as he shook his head in polite refusal.
“Thank you, but no.”
His fingers were long and his hand was broad. He exuded sex appeal. But she wasn’t used to these games of pursuit. It was usually the other way around and she was fending off the unwanted advances.
Jeez, I must look utterly pathetic to him just standing here with doe eyes. I don’t know what possessed me to think I could ever stand a chance with someone like him.
She started to back away when suddenly the band began to play the first strains of Sweet Home Alabama. She took it as a sign that this might be her lucky night after all. She quickly downed the rest of her sour apple martini to bolster her courage, and then deposited the empty glass on a nearby table.
“Are you just passing through?” She spoke loudly to be heard above the cacophony of their surroundings.
“I only came in for a beer – nothing else. I leave town in the morning.”
“I get it. No entanglements, right? But it’s just one dance. And judging by your accent, you aren’t from around here. So I’m willing to overlook the fact that you don’t know it’s an unwritten law that when that particular song comes on, it’s lady’s choice. She can ask any man to dance and he can’t say no.”
“Can’t, huh? Is that a fact?” A playful grin toyed at the corners of his mouth.
“It is when you’re in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. That song’s a sacred anthem around here. So, Cowboy, I’m asking you once again. You wanna dance?” She put one hand on her hip and extended the other toward him, waiting. Hoping he would acquiesce.
His hesitation surprised her. Instead of accepting immediately, he purposefully raked his eyes over her from head to toe.
“Go ahead, I’ve got all night,” she teased him at the flagrant assessment of her assets. She welcomed the appraisal. She knew she looked good tonight.
Finally he budged, putting both feet on the ground and taking a step closer. “All right then. You lead the way.” He smirked, as if amused by the whole incident.
She smiled and turned toward the wooden floor near the stage, their fingers joined behind her as they walked. When they were front and center, she put her hands on his shoulders while his immediately came to rest on her hips. Although it wasn’t a particularly slow song, he pulled her close until their bodies touched, and they began to move in time to the music.
He was tall and towered over her, despite her high heels, so he bent slightly and introduced himself, “I’m David. What’s your name?”
The feel of his warm breath against her face made the air around her crackle. She inhaled the scent of him. It was equal parts of soap, spice and suds, and it was more intoxicating to her than the vodka had been. She breathed deeply then looked up into his brown eyes.
He raised an eyebrow in apparent surprise at the revelation. “That’s an unusual name for a girl. My best friend in high school was named Neil.”
“Cowboy, it may sound like a boy’s name, but I can assure you I am one hundred percent genuine woman.”
He let his hands wander over the luscious curve of her bottom. Pressing his lips against her ear, he dared her, “Prove it.”


  1. Good excerpt. Wishing you much success Joan.

    • Thanks, Lavada. I appreciate your kind words.
      ~ Joan ~

    • By the way, Lavada, I have always loved the guy on your cover for Nothing to Lose. Every time I see it I think of the guy on Strike Back.

      • Joan, Thank you so much for this comment. I have to say he’s grown on me as he wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

  2. Hi, Joan. Nice to meet you. Bama Bride sounds like an interesting premise. And a bit, ahem, hot. 🙂

    • Laurie, Joan can DO hot. Lol

      • Guilty as charged, I guess, Jillian. I get caught up in my own characters’ story and have to try to rein it in.

      • Being caught up is a good thing,my dear. Indeed it is.

    • LOL – well, yes, there is definitely some heat. But I promise the book won’t melt in your hands. Hopefully just enough sizzle to keep you turning the pages. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This one does sound like a scorcher! I will be reading my copy tomorrow! Love the cover!

    • I love the cover, too Kate.

    • Glad to see you popping in tonight, Kate! Thanks for the support. I can’t take any credit on the cover, other than making a few suggestions. Harris Channing did a great job with it!

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