Posted by: Author | April 19, 2013

Friday Facts- April 19, 2013- Radio

Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian, is credited as the person who showed that radio communication was feasible. He transmitted his first inner Italy communication in 1995 and his first over the English Channel in 1899. In 1902 a transmission from England to Newfoundland was the first transatlantic communication.

Marconi had a rival, though in Nikolai Tesla and Tesla is given the credit for the first radio patent. The US Supreme Court ruled in 1943 that Tesla’s was before Marconi’s and overturned Marconi’s patent. Makes you wonder though, since Marconi was Italian, what was the date of his Italian patent or do they even have patents in Italy. Those questions are better left for another day. I’ve got no energy to do the research.

Now, there is a band who gives the credit to Marconi and I know you know this song. Sing it with me.


  1. Great Friday Fact Jillian…

    • Thanks Lavada. Dug that one out of the deeps as too lazy to think of anything else. LOL!

      • You lazy ….. I don’t think so!

      • More like exhausted and need naps. Long ones!!

  2. I’m with Lavada. You are the least lazy person we know! 🙂 However, naps are ALWAYS a good thing. Thanks for the quickie history lesson.

    • Haha. Thanks, Laurie. And yeah, it was a quickie lesson, wasn’t it? Lol.

  3. I can’t confirm it, but my grandfather supposedly met Marconi when he was in college….my grandfather seems to have met every famous Italian except DaVinci,(who was only slightly before his time.)

    • Haha. That’s awesome. And the DaVinci comment is priceless.

      • It’s too close to true…I come from older people.

      • Oh, ok. Well, I do too. Lol

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