Posted by: Author | April 26, 2013

A Beastly Blog Hop

EDITED TO ADD: Been trying to email the winner and the email address comes back as an error. Katrus- please email me at to get your prize.

My friend Kerrianne Coombes had a cool idea to celebrate the one year birthday of her book with a cool blog hop and contest. All of the participants will have a picture in their post that entrants have to report back to her at with for a chance to win the big prize on her blog. Speaking of prizes, I’ll be giving away a copy of my book Venetian Masks to one commenter. Leave me a comment about a beauty or a beast in your own life for a chance to win.

The book we’re celebrating for Kerrianne is her Beauty and the Beast book. She asked us all to use Beauty or Beast or a combination thereof in our posts. My item you have to tell her is on my post is here: apple

My beastly offering for this celebration is my lesson I learned a bit over a year ago when I was completely snowed (and yeah, I know, I know, this isn’t Snow White’s story) by someone who I thought was a beauty. She seemed nice, she was friendly, and yeah, she was attractive. I think that the reason she was able to con me into believing that what I was seeing was the truth was because she was pretty and seemed to really share her thoughts and feelings as a true friend would. Sadly, I found out she was a beast on the inside. She was rigid, harsh and unforgiving. I really am glad her true side came out before I invested much more of my energy and friendship on her. Sadly, I envision a future for her where she will be all alone and wonder what happened to all the people who used to be around. She won’t get it at all that the beast in her lasts much longer than outer beauty does and that she’s pushed all the friends away herself. Makes me sad for her.

Here’s the cute blog banner to help you hop around for chances to win: image_1366230314784669


  1. A all to common tale. I have run into a number such people in past as well.

    • Amen, Little Hawk. For sure.

      • Mostly though they are people introduced to me. They always cause damage in my family *sighs* Live and learn, true beasts teach you when to guard yourself.

      • Amen to that. I’m much more guarded now and I hope your family has better luck and no more beasts introduced.

      • So far so good. More cautious in who we help.

      • Sad, isn’t it? That we have to be so careful

  2. I agree, an all too common occurrence, but there are still a lot of good people in the world. You just need to pick and choose.

    • And hope you don’t choose wrong, lol. Thanks for commenting!

  3. It’s so easy to be fooled by a pretty face–both men and women. Somehow, attractive people seem to be able to get away with it for a little longer…but it’s SO unattractive when they show their true side. In my 6th grade class, the prettiest girl was the biggest bully.

    • Amen, Catherine. You’re absolutely right – it is really unattractive when they show their true colors.

  4. Aww, it’s too bad life chooses to teach us some miserable lessons sometimes, but u know, next time you’ll be more cautious and skip the beast….

    • Amen, Tabs. I’m going to try that caution thing.

  5. I am glad you found out early. Sometimes it is hard to tell. There are still good ones out there. Thanks for being part of the blog hop.Happy first Birthday to Kerriane Coombes book.
    Sue Bnkatsrus(at)gmail(dot)com

    • It was hard, Sue. I was conned for a bit. Thanks for popping in.

    • Must of typed too fast. My name and email came out wrong. Sorry about that.
      Sue B

  6. Happy first b’day

    • Thanks for the good wishes for Kerrianne, Teresa.

  7. Good thing you found out, as you said, before more any more energy was spent in that friendship! Congrats to Kerrianne on the anniversary of her story 🙂

    • Thanks Eva! And you’re right. Less energy would’ve been the best scenario but stopping when I did was good, too.

  8. There is are two beauties who are beasts underneath in my life. Happy anniversary kerriane!

    • Amanda- hope you get them out soon. They are energy suckers!

  9. People always wear a mask to a certain extent, unfortunately sometimes what’s under the mask is not very pretty. Those people will usually have a “tell” and if you listen closely to your instinct, you won’t be fooled for long.

    • You’re absolutely right, Sebella. And now that I know the mask this person wears, I wonder how she fooled me as long as she did since its so obvious now. Lol

  10. Im sorry you had someone like that in your life. I too, had a best friend for 4 years who turned out to be a beast. I was definitely blindsided when her mask came off. It broke my heart, but im so glad to have her out of my life. She wasnt a nice person at all! I do hope she has a happy life but i seen here a few months ago and shes about lost everyone and everything. Very sad life to live.
    Thank you for sharing and for the amazing hop! 🙂 Have fun!

    • Shadow- thanks for sharing your story and yeah, it’s very heartbreaking when the beast comes out. So sorry yours was a four year relationship. Had to make it much harder. And it’s sad for the beasts, too really, when they lose out but we’re the lucky ones to get their toxic vibes away from us. Thanks for popping in.

  11. Sometimes we meet people who we think are beauties on the outside, but deep down they are beasts. soon enough they will let their true self show and when they do we are lucky to see that we didn’t waste too much time finding that out. We all don’t need negativity in our lives and will be much happier when it is eliminated feom our lives:) Good luck to you Jillian:)

    • Thanks Nicole, I totally agree. Sadly, with our society so focused on looks, these folks get away with a lot more than they should.

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