Posted by: Author | May 3, 2013

Friday Facts- May 3, 2013- Sirius

I listen to Sirius Radio on my car and on my television when I’m in the house. I love the 60s, 70s and 80s music and there’s a great variety of choices. My favorite DJ is Phlash Phelps. He’s a font of knowledge and as readers of this blog know, trivia and little factoids are my lifesblood. This guy is crackerjack – especially on geography and sports. I love listening to him and I’d love to base a fictional character on him someday.

This brings me to the “fact” of the day which may just be me making up stuff to satisfy myself- I challenge you to find out if this is really true. Sirius is the dog star and Sirius Radio uses a little dog as their logo. He has a star for an eye and of course, it’s satellite radio so I like to think that they did that on purpose and used that pup because of the dog star and orbit and all that jazz.

Sirius was also the name that JK Rowling used for the dog shifter, Sirius Black, in the Harry Potter novels. I’m quite sure she did that on purpose since she named a ton of characters for their Latin, mythological or astrological origins. Think about it- Luna Lovegood, Professor Lupin, Draco Malfoy and it goes on and on…


  1. Good fact. Wonder why they named the iphone voice that? Or am I wrong I don’t have that feature on mine.

    • I don’t have that feature either Lavada, but I’ve wondered that as well. I think it could be.

  2. I listen to the same channels! I love the kind of connections you pointed out.

    • Awesome, Flossie. I’ll be thinking of you when I next listen to Phlash. And I love connections too. I thrive on them

  3. I’m two days late and honestly can’t think of a thing to comment on. I don’t listen to Sirius radio, have only read the first JK Rowling book (shhhh-don’t tell anyone that), and it’s late. So I’ll just say happy Cinco de Mayo (since it’s Sunday night for me. 🙂

    • Hey Laurie! Nice to “see” you. You can always say hi and make me happy! Happy sixth of May now.

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