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Tuesday’s Tales

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I’ve joined a group called Tuesday’s Tales. It’s an awesome group of writers who write to a prompt each Tuesday to show their works in process or highlight their writing. This week is my first time participating and the prompt was the word laughter. Check out the other entries here.

The story I chose is the Christmas one I’ve been working on in the last few weeks. Here’s a snippet:

They left the room. Anna continued her hold on Matteo’s arm as if he’d thrown her one of those life rings from an ocean liner to rescue her from a trip overboard. The further they got from the ballroom, the more she wanted to bend down and pull off the offending shoe and hurl it. She came really close to doing so when they stepped on the escalator. The tip of the heel caught in the treads and she stumbled.

Luckily, Matteo had a good grip on her and kept her on her feet.

“Thanks.” Anna smiled up at him. “It would’ve been a disaster if I fell down this escalator. I’d never live it down and the members of the bar who haven’t met me yet would know me as that klutz lawyer.”

“I doubt that. They’d know you as a nice woman who sacrificed herself for sexy legs.”

“Huh?” She shook her head. Did he mean he thought she was sexy?

“Yeah. I’m sure you know since you’ve been a woman for quite a while that tall heels make a woman’s legs look longer and more toned. Men sure know it. We notice those things.”

They’d arrived at the bottom of the moving stairs. She stepped off. “I’ve been a woman for quite a while?” She couldn’t help herself. His statement cracked her up. She burst into laughter.

“That really wasn’t a very suave line, was it?”

“No. It absolutely was not.” Anna was still laughing as they moved to the exit.

Outside, she turned to Matteo. “Thanks for helping me out back there and getting me away from Gina with that story about dinner. She and Renee forced me to come tonight and I really was ready to disappear. I owe you one.”

“How about really going to dinner with me then?”

“What part of my feet are killing me don’t you get? I’ve got to get these shoes off.”

“How about this? We order food and I pick it up. There are all kinds of places nearby.”


  1. Welcome to Tuesday Tales! Wonderful excerpt. =)

    • Thanks Vicki. It’s going to be fun. Glad you liked the excerpt.

  2. Ha!! He is so not suave, but that makes him suave. Love this excerpt…and I like those two 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah. I’m glad you like them. They’re fun to write. AND yeah, he’s smooth! LOL!

  3. You are unbelievable can I have some of your energy. You certainly motivate me when I think of all you do. Have fun in the new group. I’ll pop over there in a minute.

    • I have no energy at all Lavada. I’m tired. Lol. Thanks re: group. It’s a neat place and you don’t have to participate each week. It’s a good way to get some notice, I think. We’ll see. Come join is. It’s open to all writers.

  4. Welcome to TT.
    That was a pitiful attempt at a pick-up line. Loving the story so far.

    • Thanks for the welcome. And yeah, he was pretty lame. Heheh. Thanks for saying you love it.

  5. I love the subtle way he’s moving in on her. A quiet dinner of take out in his place or hers? I”m enjoying this excerpt and looking forward to see how he maneuvers this!

  6. I want to meet Matteo

  7. I just rode an escalator a couple of weeks ago… those things scare me! Always afraid of making a fool of myself too!

    • They are precarious, Dawne. I’m always a bit leery. Especially if I have on heels.

  8. Welcome to TT. I enjoyed the way you wove in the humor with the sexual tension. Sounds like a great story.

    • Thanks Catherine. I love a zing of humor in my stories- probably because I like it in life. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks.

  9. Welcome to TT. Really liked today’s post. I wonder whether she gives in and we’ll read about a cosy dinner next week.

    • Thanks Iris. Glad you liked it. And maybe she gives in and maybe she doesn’t. Lol.

  10. Hmmm. Will dinner be at her place…or his? 🙂 NIce excerpt! Cool idea, too.

    • Hehehe, that IS the question, isn’t it, Laurie? Thanks! For saying you like.

  11. Welcome and a cool excerpt.. Look forward to reading more..x

  12. Welcome to TT. I love your writing style and look forward to reading more of your work 😉

    • Wow, Sherry. You made my day. Glad you liked it. Thanks for the welcome.

  13. Welcome to TT! I love Anna and Matteo. I can’t wait to hear more from them!

  14. Great writing, I enjoyed the humor at the end.

    • Thanks Sellery. I love humor. Glad you liked it.

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