Posted by: Author | May 14, 2013

Special Guest, Lacie Nation

I have a special guest today, Lacie Nation. She was kind enough to answer some questions about her new release, Gravity Beach. Welcome Lacie.

JILLIAN: The name Gravity Beach intrigues me. What inspired the name? Describe the beach itself.

LACIE: The song Gravity was played on repeat during the writing process. There is a little beach in South Carolina called Folly Beach. It was my muse when creating the backdrop in this story. I wanted it to have that down home feel, but I wanted to create my own little world as well. So, I created the town of Gravity Beach.

JILLIAN: When David was away from his child, where did she stay? Did they use technology to keep in touch- such as Skype?

LACIE: They did use skype as well as email and the phone when he was able to. Madison stayed with his parents while he was deployed.

JILLIAN: What’s the subject/grade that Jolie teaches?

LACIE: She teaches 5th grade. In Gravity Beach 5th graders don’t change classes, so she teaches her students everything.

JILLIAN: Tell us something about David’s backstory that is NOT in the book but was in your head as the writer.

LACIE: I do touch on it a little bit in the book, but despite David being uber hot, he hasn’t really been in a serious relationship. His relationship with Maddie’s mother was short lived because she took off and the two of them never loved each other.

JILLIAN: How do your heroine and hero take their coffee and what does that tell us about them?

LACIE: They take their coffee black. I feel like that tells us that they are no nonsense kind of people. They don’t beat around the bush, but get straight to the point.

Jolie Baker had it all, amazing friends, a college degree, and a man she planned to spend the rest of her life with. When her love is killed in action, Jolie has to learn to live again. Three years after Ethan’s death, she moves to Gravity Beach to start a new life. At her new teaching job, one of her students is surprised when her father returns home from war. Jolie never imagined how important the returning solider and his daughter would become.
David Stokes wants nothing more than to raise his daughter, Madison, and give her the best life he can. Because Madison’s mother abandoned them, David is all she has. When he meets his little girl’s teacher on the beach, he is surprised by how much he wants to know her. David sees the pain in Jolie’s eyes, but will his love be enough to ease her tattered soul?

How to contact Lacie Nation:

Remember, today is Tuesday Tales day and while I have a guest today and didn’t participate, there are some awesome tales to read over there. Check it out if you have a chance.
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  1. Enjoyable post! Great questions and answers. We learned more about Gravity Beach.

    • That’s Great, Flossie! It was a fun interview

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