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Tuesday Tales – May 28, 2013

Tuesday Tales: The train story continued- this week’s word is library. AND don’t forget to click the picture to link over to the other posts.

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Fighting the urge to pinch her nose to stave off the headache Cordelia was bringing on with her incessant questions, Fiona took a deep breath before answering her. “It was an essay on train travel in the twentieth century and was sponsored by this line. They wanted people to write about the changes that had already occurred and what the future holds. I don’t know why they picked mine but they did. I’m supposed to give a lecture as well.”

“That’s very exciting. I can’t wait. Will the lecture be here on the train itself?” Cordelia bounced again. “How did you know all that stuff about them to write such a thing?”

“I work in a library and—”

“Excellent. I love it. You showed the men, didn’t you?” Cordelia clapped her hands. “I bet they thought a man would win. What do you do at the library?”

“I’m the assistant librarian. I’ve been there a couple of years now and hope to be promoted when the current head retires.”

“That’s your life’s goal? To be head librarian?”

“What’s wrong with that?” Fiona stood to leave. There was no need for this socialite who wanted a divorce to insult her.


  1. Very enjoyable post!

  2. Exactly, what’s wrong with being a head librarian? 😉 … great post

    • Not a thing, Iris. Unless you’re a snobby socialite who thinks that’s not cool. Lol

  3. I think Fiona’s career aspirations are perfect. I wouldn’t mind that myself 😀

  4. Found your final line fascinating. Great tale again this week. Living with books and wanting to take over the top job is a great aspiration.

    • Thanks Sherry. I’m glad you liked the line. And I totally agree. I’d love to live in the library and get paid for it.

  5. Love that she’s an independent woman with a goal, even if others don’t understand or appreciate it. Strong heroines are my favorite!

    • Thanks Jean. I also like strong heroines! Thanks for commenting.

  6. Strong librarians…I don’t think society ever appreciated that they always were, they had to be, missed my calling to be one.(I probably wasn’t strong enough then.)

    • Yep, Tonettte. They are strong. They’ll shush you and escort you out if loud. Lol

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  7. I think librarians got a bad rap, but, then, I watched Where the Heart Is and Mr. Forney Hull showed us what can lurk behind the stacks. 🙂 great post

    • Amen, Davee. Behind the stacks, lots can go on! And some of my fav people are librarians.

  8. Love that last line

  9. Nothing wrong with being a librarian, good piece

  10. don’t take insults from socialites!

  11. In my opinion being a smart librarian is far better than a socialite. Great piece!!

    • Amen, Tricia. I totally agree – that’s why the librarian is the heroine. LOL!

  12. Great way to work in the library prompt. And you’ve already got next weeks ‘train’ prompt worked in!

    • Yeah, Trish. The funny thing is, I started this book before I joined TT and then, boom, the prompts were perfect. It was kismet!

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