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Tuesday’s Tales

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Another week of Tuesday’s Tales and this week the word we had to use was train. This is my still nameless mystery story set in 1937. Don’t forget to click the link to read the others for this week.

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Fiona struggled with the button, contorting her body in various ways to try to reach the pesky thing. She could get her hands on it but not get it through the hole or she could grab the hole but not the button. She finally gave up and decided that she’d have to let Lucien hook it for her. She knew her mother would think it scandalous that she’d let a strange man touch her in such an intimate way but she had no choice if she didn’t want to show up at dinner half dressed.

She snorted at the thought of that. It was true that she would not be truly half dressed but she couldn’t go to the gathering with her dress unhooked. Besides, the young man said he had a passel of sisters.

She patted her bun, pulled out a few tendrils of hair around her face and nape to soften the look and put on some bright red lipstick. Satisfied with how she looked, she sat to wait for Lucien and think about what may be served for dinner on such a luxurious train. It certainly wouldn’t be the stuff of the food trolleys on the trains at home.

She didn’t have long to ponder. There was a knock at the door that proved to be the steward. He made short work of buttoning her dress. She thanked him and he moved on down the corridor to who knows what duties.

Fiona imagined him walking the hallways looking for damsels in distress. He sure had come to her rescue. She laughed at herself as she made her way to the dining car. She passed a couple of people on the way. She saw no one who she’d met already although she did see the two Turkish men and Jacques, the man who smelled of mints.


  1. Hopefully she can find the man and get her dress situated properly!

    • Yep, Vicki. Would be bad if she didn’t. Lol

  2. I can imagine that stewards had far stranger requests come to them, as people who are accustomed to having servants,(Fiona obviously not among them), pretty much simply used them, without taking their humanity or thoughts into consideration. The stories they could have told…yet,I bet, usually didn’t.

    • Yep, for sure, I bet they did use them and not pay attention that they were people as well. I have a former friend who I finally quit going to lunch with because of the way she treated waiters. Not nice at all.

      • You can tell a person’s character by the way they treat those who work for them or have ‘inferior positions’.My mother taught us that right away.One of her bosses had berated her over speaking to the office janitors ‘better’ than she spoke to the company’s president. She told him ,”I speak better to them than I do the president”.

      • I totally agree with you.

      • Quietly entering this conversationt to say “Agree as well” 🙂

      • Thanks Iris.

  3. I wasn’t expecting it to be the steward.. Enjoyed it…x

  4. Interesting scene. I’m glad the steward arrived when he did.

  5. unexpected surprise, i had no idea she would have a thing for the steward. i like this twist

    • Davee- I’m enjoying the confusion. Lol. It’s these little snippets that I’m choosing. Lots of stuff yet to be revealed.

  6. Hmmmm, now pondering the possibilities of the future.
    My favorite line …. “pulled out a few tendrils of hair around her face and nape to soften the look and put on some bright red lipstick.” Loved this line!!

    • Thanks Tricia. I love that you loved the line.

  7. Who are the Turkish men and what did I miss re Jacques ? LOL @ the mint smell 😉

    • Ahhh, Iris, this is a mystery novel so it shall all be revealed in time! Lol.

      • LOL – I thought I’d missed somthing …. I will patiently wait 🙂

      • Nope. You haven’t. Well, the mint man was already introduced but he hasn’t really done anything yet and the Turkish men have been seen but not heard. Twice. Lol

  8. Love this mystery and yes, I didn’t expect Lucien to be the steward. Was he cute, too? I like the subtle way you’re building the story and setting the scene you have me wanting to know about the Turks and Jacques. Who are they and how do they fit in? Nicely done!

    • Thanks Jean. There are lots of surprises in store and I’m glad it’s intriguing people.

  9. I loved how she thought her mother would react if she knew a strange man would be helping her dress. I really hope that Lucian is cute! 😉

  10. I’m hooked

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