Posted by: Author | June 7, 2013

Friday Facts- June 6, 2013- Color-Coded Bahamas

A cool little tidbit I learned on my tour around the island of Nassau in the Bahamas is that they color-code their buildings. The governmental offices are pink and white and the schools are yellow and white. I love that concept. 2013-05-19 23.31.582013-05-25 12.08.29-12013-05-19 23.34.20-1



  1. That makes for a pretty colorful place, it looks like. Do the non-public buildings follow suit, do you think?

    • The tour guide didn’t say. I don’t think so because there were a lot of other buildings in other colors. There are TONS of banks there and there was no uniform color for them.

  2. Great concept. In the Dominican Republic there are a lot of pastel colored homes. They seem to like color in these countries.

    • I think the pastels keep the heat out? Maybe? I think they are lovely buildings.

  3. Fascinating…(Spock eyebrow)

    • Thanks Tonette

    • Oooh, she used the Spock eyebrow. Now THAT’s interest. πŸ™‚ (spoken by a not-so-closet Trekkie.)

      • Hahah. Laurie. I wondered if it meant sarcasm.

  4. No, no, I meant it sincerely, as in ‘truly fascinating”…I am unashamedly a Trekkie and I would NEVER misuse the Spoke eyebrow!

    • See, I’m not. So I didn’t get that. Lol

    • I thought I recognized a fellow mind-melder. πŸ™‚

      • Dammit, Laurie, she’s an Alan Rickman fan, not a Trekkie!(It would help in appreciating “Galaxy Quest”), however!) Nobody’s perfect. LOL!

      • LOL a bunch. Yes, we love Jillian even though she’s not a (gulp!) Trekkie, don’t we? Yep. We do. After all (whispering), I like Alan Rickman, but not at the level she does. So it’s tit for tat, I think.

      • Haha. I may become a Trekkie after all. I love Benedict Cumberbatch and I’m going to see the new movie for him. And Mr. Rickman was in Galaxy Quest. That’s good, right?

      • Indeed, Laurie,(Spock eyebrow), we are not without emotion when it comes to our dear Jillian!
        And yes, I love Alan Rickman, too, but it is just as well that we don’t have it as bad as she does…she’d kill us if we got in her way!(And could plead her own defense, as well!)

        Jillian, Alan was INCREDIBLE in Galaxy Quest.He made me. laugh, he made me cry.
        I don’t know if I’m ready for Sherlock Holmes to be a Star Trek villian. I will wait for the DVD.

      • I’m going today or tomorrow, Tonette and will let you know if you need to see on big screen.

      • The Jons (almost 28 and 10) went to see it, but the didn’t know all the backstory.If I can’t drag Joe off to the movies, we’ll do the DVD,(which we do most of the time.) He’s at a party without me…If need be,I WILL go to the theater with or without him, but I like to guess what’s happening before he catches on…(I am a rib-poker with him!).

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