Posted by: Author | June 12, 2013

Wordless Wednesday



  1. Awwww so cute. Nothing like a sleeping baby.

    • Yeah. I like when he covers his eyes. So sweet.

  2. Yes, he looks so sweet…here! We saw him climbing the screen.'(Just kidding…kitties are sweet.I have a huge orange fella rubbing my legs .and a fluffy girl trying to decide if she wants to bother getting up to join in, as she’d rather wait and have me to herself.
    That Hobbes is a cutie!

    • Hobbes is very much more a sweetie when he’s asleep, tonette – like my sons!

      • There was an elderly Italian priest we knew who was pretty dour fellow.So, when the Headmaster had him come early to a Christmas party he was hosting, he plied him with vino to see if it would help;it did.We saw a new side of Fr,Mario when he looked at my husband and said,”Joe is a good guy.He’s a good man…when he’s asleep…and doesn’t dream!”. He laughed hard. It was a shock to us, and we’re still laughing over 25 years later. Joe uses that phrase on our cats…I bet that fits Hobbes, too!

      • LOL!

  3. Hobbes! What’s got you hiding your face? Did you climb the screen door again?

    • Laurie, he hides his face sometimes when he naps and the overhead light is on. Lol.

      • Yeah, Dude does that sometimes, too. It’s much more fun to think he’s getting into mischief. Although I imagine I don’t have to “imagine” that. lol

  4. No. You wouldn’t have to imagine it. Lol.

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