Posted by: Author | June 21, 2013

Friday Facts- June 21, 2013- Summer!

Today is the first day of summer. Summer arrived at 1:43 this morning. At least I think that’s the right time. LOL! Anyway, here in Florida, we’ve already been feeling the summer heat for a while. Here’s a song to delight you this day! Have a great weekend. I need mine for sure!


  1. Love the song. It was 66 in here when I woke up and has been raining for the past few days. Not unusual for the beginning of a Washington summer.

    • Wow yeah. That’s cool for summer. Even up there, right?

      • Wellll 66 first thing in the morning at this time of year isn’t so unusual. But the weather for the day is saying 67 and that’s cool. I turned the furnace on yesterday and may need to do it again today.

      • Wow. Furnace would be nice. Here, it’s way too hot.

  2. Interestingly enough, Summer started here YESTERDAY. Because of the 1:43AM EDT and we’re 3 hours earlier, it was 10:43PM here. Longest day of the year today. Let’s all enjoy it to the fullest–rain or shine!

    • Yep, came early for y’all. I think it was 1:04 not 43. Lol

  3. After a mostly warm Winter , we had a downright cold Spring, but Summer has hit with a vengeance! Were in the 90’s.

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