Posted by: Author | June 26, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

2013-05-25 09.34.06


  1. Justice barred.

  2. I was thinking ‘red’ doors. I remember when you posted about them. I’d never heard the significance of a red door before then.

    • Yep. You’re right, Lavada. I’m definitely a red door woman. This one happened to be on a court building. Weird huh, since that wouldn’t sanctuary, would it? LOL!

      • No, I wouldn’t think of a court as a sanctuary but then again maybe.

      • I wouldn’t since they prosecute. Lol.

  3. Aren’t red doors a Feng Shui thing? I’m seeing them more and more around here on residences.

    • It’s for sanctuary so it could be feng shui too.

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