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Tuesday Tales- July 2, 2013- Sun

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This week’s word is SUN. My story i’m working on is still the 1930s train trip mystery called Senior Assassin. Be sure to click on this link to see the other entries for the week.

Rozzelle grabbed Fiona’s upper arm and peered into her face. “Little lady, you’re on the wrong side of your compartment door dressed provocatively and I suggest you get yourself back behind the door lock on your cabin before someone molests you.”

“I have to get Cordelia and believe me, once I do, I plan on just that. Now, let me pass.”

“Listen to me. You’re not paying attention. You better not go any further or you could be in danger. This is the end of the first class area and you have no idea what’s on the other side of that door there.” He pointed at the exit.

“But my friend—”

“Forget your friend if you want to be safe. I’m telling you, little lady, it’s dangerous out there and I can guarantee that your friend has already probably found that danger.”

“Then I truly must go and get her.”

“You seem not to want to see the sun rise, missy. I’m telling you, only the worst of people are up and about at this time of night brokering deals of the kind that have been done on this train since it started running over a half a century ago. Go back to your safe little room and go to bed.”

“How dare you tell me what to do, you insufferable—”

Instead of letting her finish her sentence, Rozzelle jerked Fiona to his chest and grabbed a wad of the fabric of her gown and robe in his fist. He pressed his lips on hers and tried to poke his tongue in her mouth. She kicked his shin and twisted away from him so fast that she heard the fabric of her gown tear.

Unaware of how big the rip might be since she couldn’t see it for the tears welling in her eyes, she ran blindly down the corridor back in the direction of her own compartment.


  1. Wow, didn’t see that kiss coming. I hope she makes it back to her compartment safely !

    • I’m glad, Iris. I’m trying to make it full of surprises and action. I hope she gets back, too.

  2. Geez, that kiss was a shocker! Well done.

    • Thanks Vicki. Glad it shocked you. It did Fiona, too.

  3. Woah…now did he do that for her own good-to make his point…or because he wanted to…

  4. She sure is stubborn and guess the kiss, which I also didn’t see coming, was the only way he could keep her safe.

    • LOL Lindsay! I’ve got y’all thinking the wrong thing and I love it in my evil, twisted mind. LOL!

  5. I was waiting for my knees to wobble but she kicked him-LOL

  6. You took me totally by surprise with that kiss! Guess the “dangerous” ones are on both sides of that door! Well done.

  7. Wow – with her reaction to that kiss I am surprised the kick wasn’t a little higher! Thank goodness she headed back to her compartment!

    • LOL Tricia. It may be higher in the final draft. Hehehehee

  8. He deserved a kick in his crown jewels. I was not expecting to see a forced kiss.

    • Stefan: I think that’s an edit I plan to do on the next draft. Lol

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