Posted by: Author | July 5, 2013

Friday Facts- July 5, 2013- Rock Bottom Remainders

The Rock Bottom Remainders is a band made up of authors. They got their name from the term remainder which in publishing is the publisher’s sale of the rest of the stock on unsold books at a reduced price, usually in bulk. I love the idea of this name. It’s irreverent and cheeky.

The band has raised a lot of funds for charity and has many famous members including Stephen King, Dave Barry, Scott Turow, Ridley Scott and Mitch Albom.

I love that they give to charity. It’s admirable for them to give back in such a fun way.


  1. I also love the name…(like these fellows have to worry about it much, though! )
    Fun for charity…good guys…nice to know.

    • True, Tonette. But I’ve seen some of them in the remainders pile.

  2. How have I not heard of this before? I love the name and the idea. Thanks for a Friday smile.

    • I don’t know Laurie! LOL! Glad to give you a smile.

  3. Thanks for the info. Nice to know good things like this when the news is so filled with the negative side of human nature.

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