Posted by: Author | July 9, 2013

Tuesday Tales- July 9, 2013- Long

Badge for TT - very small This week’s word is LONG. Click the link to see the other entries.

When Win arrived at his compartment a little after three a.m., he was stunned to see Cordelia’s bunk empty. Damn her hide. She’s probably out cavorting with someone and making me look like a man who can’t control his wife. He knew he shouldn’t have trusted her to behave. Who knew how long she’d been gone since he’d gotten stuck watching the American Donald Perry try to out drink and out gamble the Frenchman, Jacques Cassel.

Win stayed and watched in case one of the men said something to assist him in his investigation but it was a colossal waste of time. The only thing the late night game did for him was make him curious how the Cassel man could eat so many peppermints while he drank prodigious amounts of scotch. By the time the game was over, the table was littered with empty glasses, full ashtrays and a pile of candy wrappers. Tired and grouchy, all Win wanted to do was sleep.

He tugged off his tie and undid his cufflinks. Tossing them on the side table, he picked up the note that had been set there and opened it. The writing was too neat to be Cordelia’s and he glanced to the end. It was signed Fiona Vancleave. Well that was a relief. She must be writing to say that Cordelia was staying with her.


  1. Hmmm, I’m intrigued. Is that what Fiona is writing about? I’m guessing not…

  2. As Sarah said, I`m intrigued as well.

    • Awesome, Vicki. My work is done, then! Intrigued was what I was going for.

  3. He’d better go back and read the note

  4. Let’s hope she IS staying with Fiona, otherwise ….

  5. Why do I think Cordelia could write her own note if she was staying with Fiona? Something’s not right here. Love the way you set the scene and looking forward to more.

    • Thanks, Jean. I appreciate it. And you know, you may be right! Lol.

  6. Hmm…like everyone else I am very intrigued why someone else wrote the note for Cordelia. Something is amiss…

  7. I guess we’re going to find out the game was possibly a set up and his wife is not where he thinks she is.

    • Good thinking Sherry, There’s a lot he doesn’t know yet!

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