Posted by: Author | July 12, 2013

Friday Facts- July 12, 2103- New Word

I’m getting lazier and lazier getting these posted, aren’t I? Sorry.

I’m sharing a word I learned this week. It’s SPIFFLICATE. Any idea what that one means?

It means to treat roughly or severely or destroy. I liked the example in the Oxford Dictionary. It made me giggle- “The mosquito was spifflicated.” I guess that sucker got smacked hard, huh?

Oh, and in the 1920s, it also meant drunk in slang. So, was the spifflicated mosquito above spifflicated on the blood of his victim? You tell me.


  1. That’s a new one on me, and I am a ‘Wordy”,(I also can BE wordy!).
    Now, to work that into my next conversation…

  2. Never heard that word before today. Hmmm. not sure I WANT to introduce that into a conversation. lol

    • It would be fun here,Laurie… they don’t got no IDEAL what I talk about anyway!

      • Oooh, ideal is a pet peeve. I know people who use that regularly.

    • Hahah Laurie. Me either. But it’s a fun one, yeah?

      • I think it is splendid in describing a squashed mosquito!

      • Me, too, T.

  3. Will have to remember that. Bet it would be good for a bluff in Scrabble.

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