Posted by: Author | July 16, 2013

Tuesday Tales- July 16, 2013- Court

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This week’s word is Court. I’m still plugging away on the train story called Senior Assassin. Remember the link to read the others.

The waiter chose that time to appear with their food. Win let go of Fiona’s hand. She was sure someone would pass the word on the train that she’d been holding hands with a married man but for that brief second, she didn’t care. His hand was warm and comforting and exactly what she needed in that moment.

“Eat up.” Win nodded at her plate. “Let’s hope we get some news soon about Cordelia.”

“I also want to have that conversation we need to be alone to have.”

“I promise that we will. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long day so we need to be sure to be ready to
face what’s ahead.” Win scooped some of his eggs onto his fork and took a large bite.

As she ate, Fiona watched him and thought about what it would be like for him to court her. Her opinion of him had changed from when he was being so rude to Cordelia earlier on the trip. He really was a nice man and seemed very concerned about the proper treatment of women. She suppressed a giggle at that thought since she’d been the very one to think, just the day before, that he was awful and treated women terribly. What a difference a few hours could make.


  1. Call me suspicious, but I`m still not one hundred percent sure of Win`s intentions here. I shall have to keep a close eye on him.

  2. Hmmm…Is Win a snake-oil salesman? All charm and no real manliness.

    • We shall see, Sarah. All will be revealed in time. Lol

  3. I still don’t trust Win.

  4. Win does seem a little sneaky to me, Fiona needs to keep her head up I think…

  5. I agree with the others …. not sure what Win’s up to.

  6. Love to see her change her mind about Will. And what about that private conversation? How long will we have to wait to read that? *taps foot*, I’m not a patient woman!

    • Lol Jean. I’m holding out some info that will surprise everyone.

  7. I wonder what will happen next.

  8. ahh, who could have been on the train aware of their connection? His representative seems to be out and wonder if it’s the “real” him?

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