Posted by: Author | July 26, 2013

Friday Facts-July 26,2013- Juris Doctorate

The Juris Doctorate is the degree conferred on law school graduates. It comes from the Latin word for law- we get other words from this root word such as jurisprudence and jurist. I have this degree on my mind this week as one of the young men who has worked for me in my office in the past went on the law school and got his J.D. in May. He will be sitting for the bar exam next week and I have been sending him good thoughts and best wishes for a passing score. I look forward to him being a new colleague here in my hometown. He’s going to do a smash-up job!

So, even though most lawyers don’t use Doctor in front of their names, we are entitled to do so- next time you see me, call me Doc!!


  1. Happy Friday Jillian, glad you’re back on track from the busy weekend last week.

    • Thanks Lavada. – not quite sure I’m back in track. My library/scrapbook room flooded and I have been working like a Trojan getting stuff out of there so the floor can be redone- NOT a good return home!

  2. I am so far behind.I know SOME lawyers use Doctor, but I had no idea all could .Well, I’ll take to jurors and call you in the morning!!!LOL!(Naughty me.)

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