Posted by: Author | July 30, 2013

Tuesday Tales – Bargain

This week’s word is Bargain. Sadly, I’m not writing much these days but these prompts are making me be a little productive. I have next week’s done too but it’s on the same page in the book as this one. I’m not sure if I’m going to continue the story. Read the other entries here.

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Fiona sat beside the window lost in thought until time to dress for dinner. She wasn’t sure exactly what to think about Cordelia and her adventure. She sure was brave for someone Fiona thought of as spoiled and overprotected. To survive that push off the train and still want to come back onboard knowing that the very person who tossed her off would still be around and maybe try again. Or try something much worse. Fiona couldn’t decide if the woman was crazy or not. She was pretty sure that she herself would’ve taken the first transport back home.

As Fiona slipped on her second new dinner gown, she thought about all that had transpired since she boarded the train in Paris. This trip she won was certainly turning into much more than she bargained for. A murder, a friend being tossed off the train and into the countryside, that scary man, Johnny Rozzelle who she was sure was a member of the mafia and then there was Win. Handsome Winchester Barrington, IV. Fiona let out a sigh as she slid the gown over her hips. He was really quite spectacular even though she knew he was out of her reach.


  1. Great post! I hope you do decide to continue the story, it`s quite enjoyable.

    • Thanks Vicki. I worked on some of the other prompts and it may have saved the story. I’m feeling better about it – for now. Lol

    • You have us hooked on this story,Jillian.I know you are busy, but thanks for throwing a tidbit to us!

      • Thanks Tonette. Glad you like it.

  2. Great story Jillian

  3. It sounds like Fiona is in for more adventure ahead!

    • She is for sure, Catherine. If I finish the story. Lol.

  4. Love the wrap-up of some of the action to date.

  5. I’m definitely intrigued to see what Fiona encounters next.

  6. I@m enjoying this and hope you do more of it. Great suspense.

    • Thanks Sherry. That made my day. I love to read suspense and write it as well.

  7. You definitely have to stick with it Jillian. You are so talented. I can’t wait to read more about this story. It’s incredible. I love all the characters!

    • Thanks Tricia – that means a lot to me. I’m thrilled you like the characters and that you think I’m talented. That makes me so happy.

      I’m stressed to the max right now and was feeling a bit like I was spinning my wheels but I feel more in control now and I’ve figured out some issues I was having with the story so I’ve picked it up again.

  8. great post

  9. That’s been one mighty trainride! I hope you continue.

    • Thanks Iris. I’m plugging away on it. Slowly and steadily.

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