Posted by: Author | August 12, 2013

Made a New Book Trailer- Gambler Series

I decided to make a trailer for the entire series. It’s almost 2 minutes long. If you have two minutes to spare, can you give it a peek? Thanks.


  1. Well done, Jillian. It’s a succinct look at all 3 stories and it didn’t feel too long.

    • Thanks Laurie. I was worried about that. Length especially.

  2. Very nice and actually, it moved quickly enough that I hadn’t realized the full 2 mins had passed,(unlike some that feel interminable). I was intrigued before the trailer…but that bloody knife is a real grabber…of all things! I have to admit, the picture of the brother wasn’t bad, either

    • Thanks Tonette. Glad it didn’t seem like two minutes and that you liked it.

      • Very much, Jillian. I am really looking forward to getting to the series.

      • Thanks Tonette

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