Posted by: Author | August 16, 2013

Friday Facts- August 16, 2013- George Washington’s Favorite Food

This week’s fact isn’t a fact at all. It’s a lame joke my dad tells but he said it again yesterday when we were discussing my mom’s birthday dinner. He said she wanted George’s favorite dinner and reminded me of the joke so since I had a very challenging week and couldn’t think of a fact, I’m going to tell his lame joke.

What’s George Washington’s favorite food?

Chicken cacciatore.

Why, you might ask. Well, here’s the answer…….

He led the Revolution in order to “catch a Tory”

Where the chicken fits in, I don’t know since old George certainly wasn’t chicken. Maybe the Tories were?

Anyway, happy weekend eve. As you can probably tell, I need this weekend really badly!


  1. I must be lame because that was pretty dang funny!

    • Awesome, I’m glad you liked it Casey. I love it but thought some would think it lame.

  2. I was huffing with a little laughter myself.

  3. I will pull this one on my former-history teacher husband! That is really a good one! I never heard it before and I usually hear food humor.
    Who knew Washington liked Italian food?
    (“Fee, fie fo fum,I smell the blood of an Englishman?” Nah. Lincoln may have been a vampire hunter, but George would not have been on his list!)

  4. LOL Your dad is a funny guy. Thanks for sharing it. =)

  5. Yep you do need a ‘weekend’. Loved the humor, makes for a good start to the day.

    • I love humor, too as you know Lavada and starting the day with a laugh is a great thing. Glad you liked it and I am ONE hour from the weekend!!!!

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