Posted by: Author | August 28, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

caddy ranch


  1. My first thought was some sort of racers but it only looks like they have 2 wheels.

    • Lol Lavada. It’s the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Tx.

  2. I had seen these some time back, but they weren’t painted.Hmmmmm….I bet they are some sight in the sunset!

    • They now redo them periodically and then encourage graffiti.

      • I’ve never been temped to indulge, but hand me a spray can!

      • My son was going to spray his best friend’s phone number and out “call Will Farrell”. Lol

      • He has your sense of humor,huh?

      • Yep. Both my kids do.

      • EXCELLENT!

  3. Wow. Cool display. I’ve got to show hubby. He’ll get a kick out of this. Hey, wait a minute. When were you in Texas?

    • I wasn’t in Texas. The son and spouse drove to Colorado and camped/hiked the Rockies. This chick don’t hike. I stayed home with Fur Face.

      I told them this picture reminds me of Mystery Science Theater 3000 with their shadows in the foreground.

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