Posted by: Author | September 3, 2013

Tuesday Tales- Building

Today is Tuesday Tales day again. This week’s word is building. I’ve finally gotten a good grip on how to tie up all the loose threads in this story that were holding me back and I’m moving a long at a steady clip now. Click here for the link to the other stories.Badge for TT - very small

“That’s a good idea. I saw them come in ahead of us. I’ll go over in a minute and see if that works. We’re running out of time. I don’t think the police will give in and not take Fiona to lock up when we arrive in Istanbul. I know Ahmet and Faruk will want to haul in their suspects if they can catch them and I feel in my gut that the heroin issue is somehow tied into the murders but I have no proof. All I know for certain is that I can’t leave Fiona in a foreign country at the mercy of a system she doesn’t understand and a language she doesn’t speak.”

“Big brother, I do believe you’ve fallen for my pal, Fi. Can it be true?” Cordelia smiled at Win over the rim of her highball glass.

“Interestingly enough, Cordelia, I think I have. It seemed that the more I saw her and talked to her the more I liked her.”

“Ahh. I get it. It was like constructing a building. Each meeting added a little more to the project?” Cordelia giggled.

“A bit like that, I guess. My feelings built as I continued to encounter Fiona. At first, I didn’t think much of her since she was so quiet and subdued but her strength as she’s gone through this ordeal has really impressed me.”

“It’s impressed me, too, mate.” Mack drained his glass. “Go on over and have that chat with the Marchmans so we can get this production underway.”

“All right. Keep an eye out and signal me if you see Abigail Perry come in.” Win stood and picked up his glass. “Once I lay the groundwork, then we can stake out Fiona’s compartment.”

“I like that plan. Until then, I’ll enjoy the lovely Cordelia’s company.”


  1. Great post! I love how cleverly you used the word prompt!

    • Thanks Vicki! It was a fun one to fit in whilst on a train in the countryside. Lol

  2. Great scene. Glad you were able to get a handle on the story

    • thanks Lindsay. I’m really glad, too. I was worried I never would.

  3. Good job of working ‘building’ into a train story. I’m intrigued to see where this ends up.

  4. Oh I agree, very well done adding the word “building” into the scene. The story is coming along nicely 😉

    • Thanks Iris. I appreciate all the compliments on my use of building. I was happy to fit it in. And thanks re: nicely comment.

  5. love the names you use for your characters

    • Thanks Kathleen. I research them and their meanings.

  6. Loved the use of the word prompt. Like the way he’s gotten close to Fiona and how he describes it. Great scene!

    • Thanks Jean. I’m so glad this story finally came together.

  7. Clever use of building 🙂 I am concerned about Fi.

    • Thanks Morgan. Yep, Fi is in deep trouble.

  8. What a great way to add the word prompt in? I am worried about Fiona, though. I hope they figure out how to help her!

    • Thanks Sarah. It was fun to work it in.

      Fiona needs all the help she can get. Lol

  9. Great excerpt! I love their dialogue as they are plotting how to help Fiona. And I love that Win admitted how he felt.

    • Thanks Tricia. It’s about time Win admitted his feelings! LOL!

  10. Great post

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