Posted by: Author | September 6, 2013

Friday Facts- September 6, 2013-Condign

This week’s Friday Fact is a word definition. I like this word a lot and although I think it happened a lot more in the past than it does now, it still happens once in a while in the present.

Condign is from two Latin root words. The first is Con which means together or with. The second is Dignus which means worthy. Something that is condign is appropriate or worthy. It is mostly used with a criminal punishment. A harsh punishment but one that fits the crime. Severe but just, if you will.

The old eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth probably comes from the principle of condign.


  1. Not a word I knew. Not sure I can work that into a sentence easily, though. LoL.

  2. It will at least be in my MENTAL dictionary,Jillian! Love the word.Hey,I can manage ‘misanthrope’ in a casual conversation.I will work on this one.

  3. ummm I not sure this one I will retain.

    • Yeah. I even spelled it wrong when I was typing the post initially, Lavada. Lol

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