Posted by: Author | September 16, 2013

Tuesday Tales- Glass

This will be the last Tuesday Tale with this particular story as I have finished it and am polishing it to submit.

Today’s word is Glass. Check out the other posts here.Badge for TT - very small

Idly wishing the waiter had left the bottle of wine but knowing that it wouldn’t be good to have finished it off since she needed her senses about her, she finally flopped down on the bench seat and tried to read the Tatler magazine she’d brought along with her.

Fiona flipped through the pages. It was no good. She couldn’t concentrate. She tossed it to the floor and rose from the bench. She walked over to the window and placed her head on the cool plate glass. It was pitch dark outside but she could see some lights in the distance. Her heart lurched as those lights reminded her that the train would soon be arriving in the city and the Istanbul station. Her skin itched and she knew how a snake must feel as it shed its skin.

Tired of the house arrest and stressed out by the long wait, Fiona turned to the door. She was going to leave the compartment before she went completely insane. If they hauled her to jail, so be it. She turned the handle and flung the door open.

Lady Sarah Marchman stood there with her fist raised as if she were in the process of knocking. Fiona let out a gasp. “Oh my, you scared me. Come on in. I’m glad for the company. I was just going a little stir crazy.”


  1. It’s been a fun ride with you and I wish you well with it…although I have no reason to doubt that it will continue on as promising as it has been so far.

    • Thanks Tonette. Much appreciated. It was a hard one to keep going with but now that it’s done, I’m pretty content with it

  2. Best wishes with this, it’s a fascinating snippet.

  3. Good luck with the story. Can’t wait to read the entire book!

  4. Good luck with it! Can`t wait to read the whole book.

  5. Fingers crossed on you submission.
    Love the story

    • Thanks Lindsay. I’m still polishing it right now. I appreciate the good wishes and that you like the story!

  6. Oh, good luck with submission! I can’t awit to see where it goes!

  7. Oh, and I was getting used to seeing Fiona every week.
    Loved the surprise of Lady standing there with her fist in the air when she opened the door.

    • Thanks Trisha. I’ve (for the most part) enjoyed writing Fiona’s story and I miss her, too. Glad you liked the surprise waiting when she opened the door.

  8. Delightful scene! Thanks for sharing. Best of luck it.

  9. I can’t wait to read this when it comes out. Good luck with the submission!!

  10. Good luck with your submission

  11. I’m torn about house arrest, in some ways I’d be perfectly happy confined to my home. But, that’s because it’s my choice. 🙂 great post

    • Lol Davee. Yep, sometimes being stuck at home is great!

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