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Tuesday Tales- October 1, 2013- Hard, Rough and Dirty

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I took some time off from blogging/writing because I had the trial from hell at the day job and was so tired when I got home, I couldn’t move but that is over and I’ve heaved a huge sigh of relief. I finished the train story before the gear up to the trial but I still have to get back to it and polish it and I haven’t started anything new yet.

Here’s the link to the other posts for the week

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is HARD, ROUGH, and DIRTY. It’s actually a challenge to have hard, rough and dirty all in one sentence but I couldn’t do it so I’m cheating by using three sentences especially since this is not a new work.

Since I’ve had a hard time focusing lately, I actually found an old little piece I wrote for a friend last March. We were at a scrapbooking event in Atlanta and when I needed a break from cutting and pasting, I jotted this short tale down for her for a fun diversion. Her nickname is Margarita Margie and her husband’s nickname is St. Christopher. She also doesn’t like salt or sugar on the rim of her glass. I thought this was a fun tribute to her and she said I got their relationship totally down. Hope you like it.

Margie’s Story:

Christopher turned to his best friend, Jacob and whispered. “See that woman over there? I’m going to marry her someday.” He nodded toward the woman seated at the bar in the Agave Gecko Cantina with her back to them.

“Marry her? You don’t even know her. What makes you think she would even look at you twice? Jacob picked at the label on his bottle of beer.

“Because I’m handsome and devilish. What woman could resist that?”

“And you don’t have a huge ego either, do you?”

In response, Christopher shoved his chair back from the table. He strode over to the bar and stopped beside the blonde woman. He tapped on the wooden counter. “Whatcha drinking, beautiful?”

The woman glanced up. “Let’s see. That’s a hard one, isn’t it? I’m in a cantina called the Agave Gecko. It’s a cantina and I have a glass in front of me with a pale green drink. Can you take a wild guess what I’m drinking, smart boy?”

“There’s nothing on the rim. Looks like a margarita but there’s no salt or sugar on the edge.” He ran his index finger across the condensation on the side of her glass.

“Call me crazy but I like my drinks pure and unadulterated.” She picked up her cocktail and moved it out of his reach. “Almost as much as I like my drinks free from strange men’s dirty, grubby paws.”

Christopher snapped his fingers at the waiter. “Bring the lady another margarita, nothing on the rim.”

The bartender poured another drink and placed it in front of the woman. He said, “Is this guy getting rough with you? Want me to get the bouncer to heave him out into the snow, Margie?”

“Ooh, so Margie is your name?” Christopher said at the same time as Margie answered the bartender.

“No. Let him stay.” She looked up at Christopher. “You might as well sit down if you’re going to be buying my drinks.”


  1. I can feel it in my fingers I’m gonna like Christopher. He reminds me of Colin Frizzle … ever heard of him 😉
    Great start of the new story, Jillian!

    • Thanks Iris. Now I have to find this Colin guy.


      • 😉

      • Hahaha! Indeed, Iris.


  2. He really is rather hard to resist! Nice use of the word prompts!

    • Thanks Vicki. I had one and it was easy to slide in the other two. Lol


  3. He doesn’t sound like the kind to take no for an answer…but she sounds like the woman able to handle him.

  4. That’s a cute little story. You could make it into a cute big story as he chases after her all the way to the wedding alter

  5. Excellent job of using all three prompts. Nice story.
    I understand about needing some time off now & then. My post this week was on ‘Life Happens’, about the way real life interrupts our writing life.

    • Thanks Tricia. This old short story had one of the words already so I only had to slide in the other two.

      And life does totally happen, doesn’t it? I still need to make the rounds this week. Hoping today when I finish a task I need to attend to.


  6. Love your new story! Margie is a girl with guts, but smart enough not to turn down a free drink. Love to see where this is going to go.

    • thanks Jean. She definitely is strong but a drink is a drink, right? LOL!

  7. Your additions are seamless and your story a great fun read.

    • Thanks Sherry. I was glad to find that the little story I wrote to amuse my friend was usable for the prompts. Glad you liked it.


  8. I love his confidence and her sassiness! What an awesome start to a relationship!

    • Thanks Tricia! I think they’re cute together.


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