Posted by: Author | October 30, 2013

Wordless Wednesday- October 30, 2013

swing 1


  1. AH! I see you got the shot you were looking for!
    (I am off on a field trip in the rain!)

    • I got several Tonette. Stalked that park til I got them. Another one will be up tomorrow when my Halloween story is posted.

      Have fun in the rain. As my dad always asked, “Why another field trip? You’ve seen one field, You’ve seen them all.”


      • AT this point,I’m with your dad! I hardly saw anything,since I was trying ,(in vain),to keep seven 10-11 year old boys withing sight.

      • LOL! Yep, no more fields!

  2. Is that color enhanced black and white? Because that blue patch is very ghostly and perfect for a Halloween blog.

    • Yep. I took the pic in color and used the Colorblast App to mute the bright blue of the swing set and added the pale blue area to make it spooky! Glad it worked. I was afraid it looked goofy. LOL!

      • It works not goofy at all.

      • Thanks Lavada. *smiles*


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