Posted by: Author | November 14, 2013

Guest Blogging with J Rose Allister

Today, I’m guest blogging with J Rose Allister. She’s an awesome writer and friend. She’s having a variety of writers on her blog this month of NaNoWriMo offering advice, cheer-leading and writing tips. November is national novel writing month and all over the world, people are striving toward the goal of 50,000 words in 30 days. I made the goal yesterday and have 50,743 words at this moment. I’ve got two to three chapters left in this first draft so I’m not done with the story yet by any means.

Anyway, today I’m over here with J Rose and talking about food and NaNoWriMo. Before you decide not to click on the link because you think I’m over there chatting about the best junk food to eat this month, think again. Click that link. You know you want to. You’re dying to see what I have to say about food. You know you are. Click!


  1. Crikey. 50,000+ already? You are a machine, woman! That is AWESOME! I wish I could spit the words out that fast. My head is jumbled with stories and I can’t get them down that fast. WELL DONE! I’m off to “click that link” now.

    • Yeah- crazy isn’t it? That many words in 13 days? I’m crazy but you know, I only had one day of 6,000 words- the rest were 4,000 and under. I was shocked at how fast it came together. Thanks for clicking!!

  2. I’m headed over to see what you have to say about food but thought I’d comment here first to congratulate you on the word count. I need to follow your wake and write faster.

    • Thanks Lavada. My story is a hot mess right now and has enough holes to qualify as Swiss cheese so I have some real work ahead! The joy of the first draft is my favorite part!

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