Posted by: Author | November 18, 2013

NaNaWriMo House


The hero of my NaNoWriMo story lives here. His name is Lincoln Eisenger and the story takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am currently at 63,365 words and still rocking it.


  1. Wow. Keep typing, Jillian. Way to go! And that house is gorgeous. Is it in New Orleans or local to you?

    • Thanks Laurie- this one has been fun- my heroine is pretty sassy. The house is one of my favorites in New Orleans in the Garden District. It is quite close to Anne Rice’s old house and Archie Manning’s current house. When I took this picture, I actually saw Archie and his wife come home in a black limo with their son Peyton with them. It was cool – We tried not to be noticeably staring. LOL

  2. This is my kind of house. Well at least to dream about. At one time I wanted to own old houses but now it’s too much work. It’s funny in that after the first 3 books my sister-in-law pointed out that all them had houses that were like secondary characters. YEP, I love old houses.

    • I absolutely adore old houses, Lavada. I always wanted one too and was finally lucky enough to buy one for my office. It’s not as opulent as this one pictured but it’s a very cute little place. I think a house as a character in the story is a cool idea. We love them, they are part of the family!

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