Posted by: Author | November 29, 2013

Friday Facts- November 29, 2013 – “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out”

A Christmas Story is a movie that everyone in my family likes to watch and quote. It’s such a fun movie and gives great entertainment value in citing different parts of it. We love it so much that I even gave my sister the “fra-gill-ie” leg lamp one year for Christmas. It’s a cute night light she uses in her bathroom all year.

Jean Shepherd wrote the story and also narrates the movie. The reason that it’s this week’s Friday fact is that the 30th anniversary of its release day is this month. 30 years of fun, baby brother in a snow suit, Santa shoving a kid down a slide, washing Ralphie’s mouth out with soap, triple dog dares, and frozen tongues. What better way to welcome the season?


  1. You’re post give me quite the visual. i do love this time of year.

  2. I love Christmas movies. Jack always watched “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I think he had it memorized. 🙂

    • Another wonderful choice. And it has a lot of nice moments that are quotable as well.


  3. A classic movie. I think I’d rather watch that than “It’s a Wonderful Life” only because Wonderful Life has been shown SO many times. More, it seems that A Christmas Story.

    • It’s always on TNT 24 hours Christmas Eve. I sometimes watch the end and then the beginning. Lol.


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