Posted by: Author | December 27, 2013

Tuesday Tales Blog Hop- December 27-29, 2013


The authors at Tuesday Tales have decided to do a blog hop in honor of the end of the year holidays which, if you didn’t know it, also include my birthday. Yep, that’s right, the 28th is a little known holiday- the day the world was either lucky enough or unlucky enough to be graced with my presence. Na, I’m not an ego-maniac just a little flaky and speaking of flakes, anyone getting any snow for the holidays? Any White Christmases out there?

Part of this hop is to giveaway a book or something so I’m going to give one lucky reader an e-copy of my book, All I want for Christmas is a One Night Stand and to be entered to win, let me know if you got any gift this year that you would put in a white elephant trade or would re-gift. I will also have draw a winner for a Jillian Chantal t-shirt. So, two chances to win – just tell me the worst present you got this year (and if you loved them all, tell me that too- I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out).
White Elephant
Be sure to click here and pop over to see what the other Tuesday Tales folks are gifting this weekend. Tell ’em Jill sent ya.


  1. Wouldn’t give a thing back this year. Books. book gift cards and frou-frou. I was happy.

  2. Hubby did good this year….Loved them all!!


  3. We haven’t been exchanging presents among we “adults”,
    although the grown children do receive gifts. I was supposed to pick out an ereader for myself,but
    i put it off.However, #2 Son gave me a tablet, so I am ready for more ebooks! I’ve had them on the old PC and it’s been hard to take the time just to sit here and read through, so, bring it on!
    (You have tee-shirts???)
    I’m glad your Christmas was good,too.

    • Congrats on the tablet! Enjoy!! And yep, I have t-shirts!

  4. I didnt get anything I’d trade or regift this year I got a boxed set of beautiful creatures and three more books on my wihslist from my hubby and a funnel cake kit from sister and money from dad. great giveawy.

    • woo hoo- great gifts, Cathy! Love them!

  5. I didn’t get a gift to give back this year, we bought ourselves a laptop. Our kids don’t buy us anything because we do the restaurant gift card exchange sort of like a white elephant because we don’t know which one we will end up with(we just buy for the grandkids). thanks for the giveaway. I would love to win a copy of your book.

    • I love the idea of the restaurant gift card exchange. That sounds fun! And yay for the laptop. Awesome gift.

  6. There’s nothing this year I’d want to part with. Best wishes for 2014 from a fellow TT-er :-0

    • Awesome, Sherry. Glad to hear. Seems no one got coal this year!


  7. Wouldn’t get rid of anything, my husband did good!!!

  8. I wouldn’t get rid of anything, my husband did good!

  9. Hi Jill. Just hopping by. Have a happy New Year.

  10. I did not. All mine were keepers šŸ™‚ Too fun! delphinareadstoomuch at yahoo

    • Awesome that they were all keepers. That’s super.

  11. Here’s to another great year of writing to prompts.

  12. No I would have to say I would keep everything this year also….

  13. My daughter got me a book called Dixie Spirits ( Southern Ghost Stories.) I am amazed how much I enjoy the book. She knows me well. The other book is about how a man is rescued by a rescue dog. ( Hand me the tissues.) Nothing goes back.

    • Oooh. Sounds like you got some great items, Morgan.


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