Posted by: Author | January 29, 2014

Wordless Wednesday



  1. So cute. Brianna loved to be outside and I tried to get her to walk on a leash but she wouldn’t have any of it. Rue barely goes outside and when she does she wants to be able to run back in — fast.

  2. Does Hobbes like the leash? I’d like to try one with Dude, but he’s 5 years old and never even had a collar on. The one time we put a harness on him was quite comical…since he was trying to get it off the whole time.

    • Hobbes loves his harness. He runs to the door for it whenever anyone goes out. I thought it was insane when my husband bought it but the Hobster loves it.


      • That cracks me up. Yep, we should have trained Dude from a youngster. Might be too late now.

  3. He did it! Got Hobbes going on the leash!Well, my hat is off to him.Mine freak.

    • This is an old picture from the summer. Hobbes has been leash walking for months. He loves it.

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