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Tuesday Tales – February 4, 2014- FIELD

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is FIELD. I’m still in the 1950s era story and it now has a name: Flight Risk. My friend Shay Lacy sent me a list of titles and this one fit exactly.

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Around the time that Vivian decided that she and Mary Lou should return home since they were imposing on Annette and not really learning anything, Rocket came dashing in the door shouting his wife’s name. He skidded to a stop when he saw Vivian.

“What is it, Dwayne?” Annette asked.

“Rick’s been found. They’re transporting him to the hospital now.”

“Hospital?” Vivian stood, her hand over her mouth. Her heart soared. He must be alive or they wouldn’t be taking him to the hospital, would they?

“He’s a hard-headed old farm-boy but they think he’s going to be all right. He passed out from the altitude when he ejected but he was able to pull the cord on his chute before he blacked out. Rick knocked his noggin on the ground pretty hard and was disoriented when he woke. Some lady found him in her field and her husband carried him to their house and called the base after they heard about the crash on the radio. They’d been working the acreage and hadn’t known about the accident.”

Vivian collapsed on to the naugahyde sofa and burst into tears of relief. “Thank God, Thank God.”

“You really like him, huh?” Rocket sat beside Vivian and awkwardly patted her knee.

“I’m glad he’s going to make it. Thanks for telling us he’s going to be fine.” Vivian brushed off Dwayne’s hand. “We’ve imposed enough and need to go now.”

“Don’t you want to go to the hospital and see your man?” Dwayne asked.

“He’s not my man and it’s not my place to go.” Vivian turned to her sister. “We need to head home.” She looked at Annette. “Thanks for the tea and the company.”

“You’re kidding, right?” Mary Lou asked.

“No. Why would I be joking?”

“I’ve driven you all over the countryside today and now that we can actually see the man and make sure for ourselves that he’s alive, you want to go home? I don’t get you.”

“Like I said, it’s not my place to go to the hospital.”

“I don’t care what you said. I’m taking you.” Mary Lou grabbed Vivian’s upper arm. “Now, someone tell me where the base hospital is.”

“Come on. I’ll take you. He’ll have to be checked out by the flight surgeon.” Annette’s husband held his out his hand.

“I really don’t think I can do this.” Now that she knew Rick was safe, Vivian was ready to walk away. Yes, she cared for the man but she knew now better than ever that she couldn’t be with a man who risked his life every day in the air. Today had been one of the worst days of her life and she couldn’t bear to go through it again.


  1. Great scene!

    • Thanks Vicki.

  2. You sure packed some a load of emotion into this one. A wonderful scene.

    • Thanks sherry. I appreciate the kind words.

  3. When will she stop denying her feelings for him? Great scene

    • Thanks Lindsay. She IS deluding herself, isn’t she?

  4. I love the layers created here. The couple, their relation to Vivian, and the man she loves, and so on, each one peeling back to give us a peek into the story. Love it. Love this story.

    • Thanks Jean. Your words mean a lot. I’m hoping this story is turning out as nice as I want it to be

  5. I hope going to the hospital changes her mind.

    • The road is still long for them, Stefan.

  6. I love it that the friend just takes over the situation … great dialogue and “show” of friendship!

    • Thanks Iris. I’m glad it came across well.

  7. I could feel the see-saw of emotions. Loved seeing the friends rallying around her. Very nice!

    • Thanks Trisha!

  8. She can’t give up on him now. I’m glad they’re forcing her to see Rick.

    • Thanks Tricia. I’m glad, too.

  9. You gotta love that Mary Lou. Great detail and explanation about how it had been the worst day of her life.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Morgan. I appreciate it.

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