Posted by: Author | February 28, 2014

Friday Fact- February 28, 2014- 999

This is post number 999 on this blog so I thought I’d share some 999 stuff with y’all.

In the USA, we call 911 for emergency services. In the UK, they call 999.

There is a punk rock band called 999 and they are one of the first of the punk era. They are from London and formed their band in 1976. 

There’s a Nintendo DS game called 999- the main character has been kidnapped long with 8 others. There are 9 doors that have to be opened and the players have only 9 hours to rescue the victims. 

0.9999 is a real number that can be shown to be the number 1. This is some crazy mathematical thing that I don’t even pretend to understand. 

a Ducati 999- also known as the “triple nine” is high performance racing motorcycle. 

I hope you enjoyed the 999th post here. I have no idea how to top it with #1000. Ha! 

Ducati 999

Ducati 999


  1. Fun! And yep, I can hardly wait to see what you do for your 1,000th. You might have to do a Monday blog, or it will be Tuesday Tales, eh?

    • Thanks Laurie. I thought it was fun. Lol. I used to blog every Monday but life got crazy and I haven’t in a while.


  2. Interesting Friday Fact today. I’m with Laurie it will be interesting to see what you for your 1000th

    • Now the pressure is on. Lol. Eek.


  3. Turn it upside down and what do you get? Or should I go back and look at that post? 🙂

    • Hahah. 666. AND I don’t even know what I said on that one. LOL!

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