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Tuesday Tales- March 4, 2014- Pale

This week’s word is Pale. I’m still in the contemporary that takes place in Pensacola (Til Murder Do Us Part). This continues from last week when Richard left the library with Janette. Check out the other tales here.

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“The fact that you said nothing for sure piques my interest, detective. I haven’t heard any rumors of any kind of serial killer on the loose. In fact, there hasn’t even been a homicide here in a couple of months. The last two were drug related in Brownsville and you caught both of those guys so I fail to see what this is about.” She slapped her forehead. “Is it one of the cold cases you’re looking into? What made you think it’s a serial killer?”

Exasperated, Richard stopped in the middle of the parking lot. “Can you let it go? For once?”

“You know I can’t do that. What kind of reporter would I be if I let go the fact that Pensacola’s leading homicide dick is reading up on serial killers? Ones that appear to be married? Isn’t that usually not the case? Aren’t they normally loners?”

“Good grief, you’re relentless, aren’t you?”

“You already knew that, Richard.”

“I did but I also know that eventually you give up. When the door is slammed in your face enough times, you’ll walk away.”

Tears welled in her eyes. “That’s not fair. You know I didn’t want to walk away. I only did so that everyone’s sanity could be saved. I’d be back in a second if I thought it would work out. You know that, too.”

With his free hand, Richard reached out to Janette. When he touched her, she recoiled as if he’d slapped her. “I’m sorry, J. That was a low blow. I shouldn’t have brought all that up.”

“It’s never far from the surface anyway. I wasn’t going to ask about it but now that you’ve broached the subject, I have to know. How is he?” Her face had gone so pale, Richard was afraid she would collapse on the tarmac.

“Come over here in the shade. I don’t want you to pass out and hit your head.” Richard led Janette under the closest tree. He set the books on the ground at his feet.

“Is he adjusting to being home?” Janette leaned against the tree with her hands behind her back
resting on the bark.

God, he didn’t want to talk about this.


  1. Looks or sounds like someone is keeping a few secrets. Great scene

    • Thanks Lindsay. This one was a surprise to me as well. I love it when that happens.


  2. So there’s a ton more going on under the surface that we didn’t know about. And it’s coming out now. Excellent. I’m ready and I’m ready for more.

    • Thanks Jean. There are things going in for sure. Lol


  3. Yep, there are secrets being kept. Great scene!

    • Thanks Vicki.


  4. Wow, so many layers to this one scene. I want to find out more…why he’s researching what he is…and what it is he doesn’t want to talk about.

    • Thanks Sadie. This scene was fun to write.

  5. Obviously more going on here than meets the eye. Secrets. . .

    • Secrets, indeed, Jrs.


  6. Okay – I’m slowly getting the hang of the story … very interesting, look forward to more!

    • Thanks Iris. I’m slowly getting it too. This one is hard to write. I feel like it’s all over the place.


  7. I wonder what she is not saying.

  8. Love the way you’re revealing so much more and on more than one level.

    • Thanks sherry and Stefan.


  9. Ooooh….secrets. I have to know who they are talking about!

    • Lol Tricia.


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