Posted by: Author | March 14, 2014

Friday Facts- March 14, 2014- Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds

In the 1970’s there was a band called Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds and they had a number of hits including Don’t Pull Your Love and Fallin’ in Love. They were an awesome band but I bet you don’t know what their first single was.

In 1966, (as the T-Bones, a studio band- and before they became a live band) they had a song called No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach’s In). It was an instrumental only and was used in an Alka Seltzer commercial.

Hit this Youtube link to see if you’ve heard it- you may have to scroll down and pick the first one to get the link to work. I bet you have heard it.


  1. Yep have heard it but half expecting the fizz fizz, plop plop

    • Hahah. Me, too, Lavada- the first time I heard this tidbit, that was what I thought, too.


  2. I DO know that song. Lol. Fun Friday Fact, Jillian.

    • Thanks Laurie. I’ve been saving it for a while and found my notes the other day.

  3. I
    I really love Fallin’ in Love and Don’t Pull Your Love Out.I had no idea No Matter What Shape Your Stomach’s In was theirs! Oh,I am old enough to remember those ads, they were funny! Thanks for the tidbit and I am on my way to YouTube to hear Fallin’ in Love and Don’t Pull Your Love.

    • Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane.


  4. I did not know that. And I loved that band! Oh my, the brain won’t stop now … don’t pull your love out on me babyyyyyyy ….
    Must stop – back to Tuesday Tales.
    Thanks for the step back in time.

    • Glad you liked it, Trisha. I’m singing along with you.


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