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Tuesday Tales- March 25, 2014- Picture Prompt

Today on Tuesday’s Tales we’re working with a picture prompt. I’m still working on the story based in my hometown. Check out the other stories here. 

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Margot walked into the living room and sat. She took her time scoping out the layout and the furniture. The room was opulently furnished with white leather sofas. The end tables and coffee tables were of a bronze metal and there were some pieces of art on the wall made of metal as well. One was surrounded by ornate scrollwork. The room was a little too stark for her taste but she recalled Paul’s taste did run to the modern end of the spectrum. Her sister used to bemoan the fact that her husband didn’t like her antique quilts and hardwood furniture she’d inherited from their grandmother.

Curious to see if any of the knick-knacks or other items had survived from the time of her sister’s marriage to Murdock, Margot peered at the various items on the mantel and side tables. Her heart hammered again at the thought of him catching her in his house but here she was and she intended to at least check out the part of the house she was allowed to see.

As Margo glanced around, she noticed toward the rear of the room, in a dark corner, a spiral wooden staircase. A very similar one to the one her sister died on. She half-rose from her chair as if compelled to investigate the area.

Before she could take a step, Margot heard a door slam shut from the direction of the kitchen and a male voice calling out.


  1. Great description here and the perfect tension at the end.

    • Thanks Lindsay.


  2. Agree, nicely done describing the place. Nice cliffhanger 🙂

    • Thanks Iris.


  3. Lovely job of layering the suspense.

    • Thanks Morgan.


  4. Great job of building on the suspense.

    • Thanks Vicki.


  5. OMG! How could you leave us like that? Great scene, tension building — perfect!

    • Thanks Jean. I’m glad it worked. Lol


  6. Oooh,nice tension in the scene. The details, and the spiral staircase. The cliffhanger ending was mean…but I guess I have no room to talk 😉

    • Lol Sarah. I can’t wait to read your cliffhanger. Thanks for the compliment re: tension


  7. great description of opulent!!

    • thanks Kathleen!

  8. Run, Margot, run!! Aieeee! Thanks for getting my heart rate up. Now I don’t need to treadmill.

    • Lol Shay. Glad to be of assistance to keep you off the treadmill. Lol


  9. You are such a tease, leaving as on such a cliff-hanger.

    • LOL Sherry! I am evil that way. Hehehe

  10. Not fair, not fair! Great descriptive scene to leave us hanging with. Perfect suspenseful end.

    • Thanks Trisha. I love the suspenseful ends. Lol


  11. Oh I hope she doesn’t get pushed down the stairs.

    • Me too, Stefan.


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