Posted by: Author | March 28, 2014

Friday Facts- March 28, 2014 – Eric Idle

One of my favorite Monty Python actors is Eric Idle and he happens to share a March 29th birthday with my #2 son. Obviously, they weren’t born the same year. LOL

I watched Monty Python as a kid/teen and made sure my kids got exposed to it as well. It was so much fun- silly, irreverent and kind of inane but we all loved it. My kids still quote dialogue from The Holy Grail and recall the songs from the show. We did our own silly walks, too.

One of my fav. skits with Eric Idle was the spam one: you can see it here. and don’t forget another favorite Monty Python skit/song the lumberjack song here.

There’s also a movie Mr. Idle did  with Robbie Coltrane a few years ago that was really fun- it was called Nuns on the Run. Check it out for a giggle if you need one!

Happy birthday Mr. Idle and #2 son tomorrow.


  1. I never got into Monty Python. Guess my sense of humor goes in a different direction? But happy birthday to #2 son. #1 and #2 have birthdays fairly close together, don’t they?

    • It’s def weird humor and I don’t like it all but I enjoy a lot of it.

      My sons are 7 years and 17 days apart.

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  2. I didn’t get into Monty Python either. Maybe I missed something. And a happy birthday to your son.

    • It’s definitely quirky humor. Thanks for the wishes for son.

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