Posted by: Author | April 10, 2014

New Paperback Available- Moon Dance

Available now in print at 


Back cover blurb:

After an explosion at NASA in Houston that shook her confidence, Olga Quinn tries to run from her demons by moving halfway around the world to a new job in London with the space program there. As a rocket scientist, she wraps herself in her work, and convinces herself her commitment to her job is why she doesn’t date much.
Gabriel Swicord lost his vision as a firefighter when a backlash blinded and scarred him. He’s considered a hero by the family he saved, but he doesn’t want the praise. Demons of another kind haunt Gabriel; demons with a voice that sound far too much like his father. Left to find a new career, Gabriel dives into his love of music and becomes a celebrity DJ in London. He’s content to live alone and take care of himself. He needs no one.

Or so he convinces himself.

Olga and Gabriel meet with more animosity than attraction, but that doesn’t last long for either of them. When someone begins to murder women who have been to the club where Gabe is DJ, Gabe’s new life is thrown even further out of kilter. Olga becomes the target of the killer, and both she and Gabe must confront their demons, or risk losing everything.


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  2. I love the lavender moon on the cover, and the story sounds most intriguing. Congratulations!

    • Thanks Flossie. It’s a neat cover for sure. I hope a ton of readers are intrigued, too. Lol


  3. Congratulations on getting print! Well done! And yep, still loving this cover. 🙂

    • Thanks Laurie. I’m excited about it.


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