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Tuesday Tales- April 15, 2014- Savage

Today’s word for Tuesday Tales is savage. We’re still hanging out in Pensacola in the book Til Murder Do Us Part. This time we’re at one of my favorite local restaurants, Sam’s Seafood and Steak.

I hope you enjoy this week’s offering and don’t forget the other entries here.

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They both laughed and in a few moments, Janette and Regina passed by the table on their way out the door on the “A” Street side of the restaurant. Regina spoke first. She placed her hand on Philip’s left shoulder. “How are you doing?”

“I’m adjusting. Thanks.”

“How long have you been back in town? I heard you were coming home but wasn’t sure when.”

Richard could tell Philip was trying his best not to look at Janette but to focus on Regina by keeping  his eyes firmly on Regina’s face. “I’ve been back a week or so. Richard was good enough to allow me to return to live at his house and even adjusted his place to meet my needs.”

“I hope you’ll come by the courthouse and visit sometime. The judge was talking the other day about you and wondering how you were getting along.” Regina tapped her index finger on Philip’s shoulder.

“Like I said, I’m good. I even went in to the station today for a while and talked to the chief and the guys.”

“That’s wonderful,” Janette said as she stepped from behind Regina. “Does that mean you’re going to go back to work?”

Richard noticed Philip’s face harden when his former fiancée spoke. He opened his mouth to beat Philip to an answer in case the man was going to be rude but before he could make a sound, Philip responded, “I’m not sure. It was a nice visit but I’m not sold on the job the chief has offered. Thank you for asking.”

Janette had started to smile when Philip addressed her but by the time he finished, she looked crestfallen at his icy tone and seeming brushoff.

Regina placed her hand on Janette’s upper arm. “Let’s go. The waitress is on her way with the food for these two. We should get out of the way.” It seemed to Richard that Regina was practically pushing Janette to the door.

“See you ladies later,” Richard said. He watched them until they were outside then turned to face Philip to compliment him on how he faced Janette without falling apart. Stunned at the expression on his roommate’s face, Richard almost choked.  His face was so red the man could very well be having some kind of stroke. Richard had never seen him so angry.

The waitress set their food down and scooted away as if to escape the rancor emanating off Philip.

Philip put his head down and dove into the grouper in a savage manner. He ripped the meat apart using his knife and fork as if he were skinning a rhinoceros. The steam wafted across the table in Richard’s direction.

Taking a hint from the way his friend was attacking his food, Richard decided not to say a word while they ate. Philip would talk when he was ready.

Richard reached for the ketchup to put some on his plate to dip his fried oysters and peered through his lashes at Philip. Like a slam to the chest, Richard realized his companion wasn’t angry but was trying to hide his anguish and maybe even a few unshed tears.


  1. Anyway … well done on the emotions here, I’ve gotta go back and re-read some of the TTs, I seem to have lost the ‘red line’ in the story.

    PS – Fried Oysters with tomato sauce??

    • I don’t think you’ve lost the line here, Iris. I’ve brought back two minor characters in the story because they play a bigger role as the denouement comes closer. and yep, people dip oysters in cocktail sauce or ketchup – not me, personally, but there are tons of people in the south who like to disguise the flavor of food with sauce. Lol.


  2. Wow, what a powerful impact this scene has! I could sense the growing tension and the sadness crept in underneath. Beautifully done!

    • Thanks Jean. I’m glad his angst came off the page as intended.

  3. Wow, great emotional showcase in that excerpt!

    • Thanks so much, Vicki.


  4. Wonderful insight into Philip especially the way you have him going after the fish.

    • Thanks Lindsay.


  5. A strong powerful scene. Poor guy.

    • Thanks Sarah.


  6. Great job of showing and not telling. I kinda felt sorry for the fish even though it was already dead.

    • LOL Morgan. Poor fish indeed. Thanks for the compliment.

  7. I like the way you used savage to show how he ate his dinner after getting angry.

    • Thanks Stefan. I thought it was a unique way to use it.


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