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Tuesday Tales- April 29, 2014- Flying

This week, the prompt is Flying. I’m still working on the Pensacola based story called Til Murder do us Part.  Check out the other entries here.  Since some folks are confused by the gaps I’m leaving in the story, Mitch is the private investigator helping Margot in her quest to bring her former brother-in-law, Paul Murdock  to justice. Patricia is Murdock’s current wife. This is part of a scene after last week’s snippet re: the danger Margot faced.

Badge for TT - very smallThe phone rang. She picked up. “Hello.”

“Checking to see if you got sucked down the drain. You’ve been gone a long time. Are you sure you don’t want to take some time and rest? I can go deliver the flowers while you take a nap.”

“I’ll be down in a few minutes, Mitch. I had a hard time getting my shoes on and tied. It hurts to bend as far as I need to for that task.”

“I could’ve helped you. You could’ve called me to come up.”

“I got it. I’m on my way now.”

Downstairs, Mitch sat on the couch waiting for Margot. When she saw him, she walked over and said, “What took so long?”

“Isn’t that supposed to be my question?” He stood and picking his fedora off the seat beside him, shoved it on his head. “Is there a solid plan or are we flying loose and free?”

“I think we take me to my car and then I drive on to the park. You take the flowers we’re going to buy at the grocery store we have to go past to get to the Murdock house. Once I leave the neighborhood, you ring the doorbell and hope Patricia opens the door.”

They moved out of the hotel through the automatic double doors and to the parking lot. “Saddle up, then. Let’s go.” Mitch led her to his car and unlocked the passenger door.

“First you ask if we’re flying then you tell me to saddle up. I don’t know if I’m in the old west or at an airport.”

“Check it out, Margot. You’re at the beach.” Mitch waved his arm in the air as he ambled to his side of the car.

As he slid inside, he laughed. “You know, you really should’ve been a lawyer or something as much as you like to come back with a sassy remark.”

“Look who’s talking.”

“Off to the grocery store for the flowers.” Mitch backed out of his parking spot and they headed toward town.


  1. Love the dialogue here.

    • Thanks Lindsay.


  2. A love snappy dialog, and this snippet is full of it!

    • Thanks Vicki. I think this book has more than any other I’ve ever written. These people are killing me with their dialogue. In a good way. Lol


  3. Old West or Airport- love it

    • Thanks Kathleen! I confess, I thought of you as I wrote that line. LOL!

  4. Great scene. Yes, with lots of good dialogue. I love the way you used the prompt. Twice!

    • Thanks Tricia. I sneaked it in there that second time. Lol


  5. Love the banter back and forth. But I also wonder what they are up to. Why does she have to leave the neighborhood when Mitch drops the flowers? Looking forward to more.

    • Thanks Jean. I like leaving a bit of mystery in my mystery. Lol.


  6. Thanks Jillian for the little summary. It helped 🙂
    I’m with Jean, I wonder what they up to as well.

    • You’re welcome, Iris.


  7. Mitch is a funny one.

    • He is, Morgan. He needs his own story. Lol


  8. like everyone said. I also enjoyed the dialogue

    • Thanks Stefan.


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