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Tuesday Tales- May 6, 2014- Free

Today’s word is Free. I’m still working on the story called Til Murder Do Us Part. This week, the heroine finds herself in the clutches of her former brother-in-law. Check out the other tales of the week here.

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“I have friends who set me up with a campground pass and I brought her out here at three am. After that fiasco in the cemetery and my failure to grab you at the Grand, I went back to the house and forced her to tell me what was going on.”

“What did she tell you?”

“About some conversation in the ladies room at the bar. I’m pretty bright myself and figured out it could only be the arrogant doctor sister-in-law behind any investigation of me and my tragic widowhood. I called a friend in Reno today and learned some other interesting facts so it was then only a matter of finding out your hotel and coming to get you. Patricia was kind enough to let me know you were staying at the beach.”

“How did you find my room number? I know the desk didn’t give it to you.” They continued deeper into the darkness. Margot wasn’t sure she could find her way out if she did get free and if she wasn’t a little dizzy from blood loss.

“I watched you on the beach and in the water. I do have to say, Margot dear, that even though your sister was the champion swimmer that you fill out your own suit quite nicely. It makes me wonder which sister is better in the sack.”

“You’re disgusting.” Margot spat on the ground. “Don’t you dare speak of my sister.”

“I’ll do and say what I want. I’m in charge here.” He turned the corner. “Look—if your eyes have adjusted to the dark that is—here’s your friend Patricia now.”

Margot, following too close on his heels, slammed into Paul’s back. He stumbled a little but regained his balance before she could shove him to the ground. She peered around him to see Patricia seated on the dirty ground. Her feet and hands were tied and she had a rag in her mouth. Her eyes were round and terrified. They almost glowed in the dark they were so white and wide.


  1. I am going to have to play catch up on your previous posts. But one thing for sure, I can’t wait to see what Margot does now.

    • Thanks Karen. I hope this story will someday be in the shape I want it to be so I can publish it. I am reading through it now that it’s done and I’m afraid it’s boring! LOL

  2. Tension all over the place today and that last paragraph is super tense

    • Thanks Lindsay!! I think the 2nd half of this book is much better than the first and am desperately trying to fix that first half. LOL

  3. Holy Moly! What a great, scary scene. Love how you slipped in the “blood loss” so subtly. Very suspenseful. Looking forward to the next installment.

    • Thanks Jean. You caught that, huh? Lol


  4. Nasty bugger he is. Hope the ladies will be ok. great scene.

    • Thanks Iris. He’s def a nasty bugger.


  5. Wow! What a great scene. So much tension!

    • Thanks Vicki. Glad you liked it.


  6. I’m with the others. Lots of tension. I was on the edge of my seat through the scene. Great job!

    • Thanks Trisha. I’m glad it came across that way. Yay.


  7. Suspenseful. I was almost yelling, “Help.”

    • Lol Morgan. That made me laugh. Hehe


  8. oh wow, I wonder how she’s going to get herself and Patrica out of this situation.

    • Closing in on that now, Stefan. Lol


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