Posted by: Author | May 9, 2014

Friday Facts- May 9, 2014- Syllabub

EDITED TO ADD:  I am visiting Vicki Locey today – pop over and say hi and check out a few of my pictures from Puerto Vallarta. Here’s the link.

I wrote a Regency Christmas story and have it out on submission now. I wanted to share one of the old fashioned drinks from that era that I have actually tasted. It was a pretty strong drink which a lot of the ones of that era seem to be. It’s a wonder the British got anything done during that time period since they had to  be at least half drunk most of the time.

Anyway, syllabub was a drink/dish made with cream and wine and was served cold. The cream was frothed and eaten with a spoon and the liquid part, which was mostly liquor as it separated from the cream, was sipped through a spout on the glass used to serve it in.

The Oxford English Dictionary calls it “a dish or drink made of milk or cream, curdled by the admixture of wine, cider, or other acid…”

If that sounds gross to your modern palate, I have to agree. When I tried it, I shuddered. LOL

Here’s a link to a recipe should you have a burning desire to try it. (FYI- castor sugar is what the Brits call finely granulated sugar- buy superfine sugar here- or use regular granulated sugar that you’ve ground in a food processor).


  1. Never heard of it. Ever. Not even a whisper. I like whipped cream, but this, I don’t think I’ll try. It sounds potent. 🙂

    • LOL! Laurie. It is very potent- shudder-worthy even!!

  2. Now that you bring it up I have heard of this drink or read about it in a Regency but it didn’t catch my attention and I think I can well pass on making it up.

    • Good idea to pass on it. At the RT conference in Chicago a few years ago, a group of Regency writers did a tasting of the regency drinks and man! Those regency heroines had to be drunk about 3/4 of the time as it was all fermented and STRONG!

  3. Great post! I do a Cocktail Saturday blog and would love to include this. What do you think?

    • Very cool, Flossie. That would be awesome.

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