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Tuesday Tales- June 10, 2014- Picture Prompt

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I have started a new story and it has no name at the moment. These are the first new words I have written (other than editing/polishing old stuff and back cover blurbs) in over a month. I have been under a lot of stress in the day job and have had zero inclination to write so I am very glad to have new words to share.  The picture this month is one I really enjoyed working with.  Check out the other stories here.10155148_10203103868576415_2691957351662530606_n

“That’s some wicked looking sky up there. I sure hope it doesn’t mean power outages. It’s a bit difficult to play an electric guitar with nothing to plug in to.” Paul Baker glanced out into the distance from the where he and his friend Amos stood watching storm clouds gather over the landscape.

“You can always skip those songs that need amps and electronics and play some older ones that use an acoustic guitar.” Amos sniffed the air. “Yep, that’s going to be what my grandma always called a gully-washer. I can smell the rain in those clouds and when I can scope it out from this distance, it’s really going to be a storm to remember.”

“The weather service didn’t mention rain at all today, much less some kind of supernatural phenomenon like you’re talking about.”

“You know you can’t count on the weathermen. They have no idea what they’re doing.”

“Don’t let your sister the meteorologist hear you say that. You could lose a limb.” Paul stretched his arm to reach out from under the overhang and rubbed his fingers together. “Feel the dampness in the air. I imagine the bottom is going to fall out in a few minutes.”

“You’re probably right. I guess we have to hope for the best and that it all blows over before we open tonight.”

“If it’s as bad as your old nose and grandma’s wisdom dictate, I think we should go ahead and take shelter in the basement. If you’re right, we could be down there for a while. Might be best to go ahead and make the announcement that I’ll be playing another day. No sense in endangering the public.”

“You’re that sure they’d come out to see you in the apocalypse?”

“They would come.” Paul grinned.

“Cocky much?”




  1. Love this. I like them both already…great conversation, good flow of dialogue…and Pal makes me smile.

    • Thanks Sarah. I love them already, too. I appreciate the kind words.

  2. This was worth the wait. I hope your day job settles down again soon.

    • Thanks Sherry. Your words mean the world to me. I very much appreciate them. And yeah, here’s to some settling down.


  3. Wonderful, snappy dialog! Love it.

    • Thanks Vicki. I love to read and write snappy dialogue. Fun times. Lol


  4. Another gully washer! I love that expression. Enjoying this new story. I’m already intrigued to know why he’s so famous and how the sister figures into this. Great beginning!

    • Thanks Jean. I also love gully washer. It’s a grandma/mom saying from my childhood. LOL – I am glad you are enjoying the story so far. I am having a good time with it. FINALLY!

  5. gully washer- never heard that expression until I moved to texas- great excerpt

    • thanks Kathleen! AND yep, Texas has gully washers, too. LOL

  6. I enjoyed the resurrection of the term, “gully washer.” “Cocky, much,” sounds just like two guys bantering. 🙂

    • thanks Morgan. I’m glad the guys sounded authentic.

  7. Haha! Laughing now because of our previous ‘gully washer’ comments.
    Great scene!
    Sorry to hear your pay-the-bills-day job is such a bugger right now. I can relate. We have a new very intense manager and I think all I’ve written the past six weeks is my TT posts. Glad you were inspired for this new post. It’s very good.
    Hope things calm down for you.

    • Thanks Trisha. Nothing quite like a gully washer, right? Lol

      I hope the day job lightens up, too. I’m on the edge of a nervous breakdown.


  8. That could be so Australian, talking weather so intensely 😉 LOL … “Blame it on the weatherman” by B*witched came to mind, and my BiL, who works for BoM 🙂
    oh, yeah, enjoyed the post.

    • Lol. I love your comment, Iris.

  9. I like how you pointed out electricity isn’t needed to make music. We rely too much on tech, I enjoyed this piece

    • Thanks Stefan. And I totally agree about too much tech!


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