Posted by: Author | June 23, 2014

Tuesday Tales- June 24, 2014- Ride

This week’s word prompt is ride. I am still working on the new story with no name. I have to think of one soon as I can’t stand not having at least a semblance of a title. I am calling it the rock and roll story and that is silly.  Be sure to check out the other writers and their use of the word ride here. Badge for TT - very small

“What kind of work does she do?” Paul glanced at his watch as another group of people entered the bar area. Almost show time. He needed to focus. Forget the woman.

“You’re sure curious about her, but like I said, bro, she seems to have sworn off men. I don’t know what the former husband did to her but it must have been some kind of wicked mumbo-jumbo since she’s pretty hands off when it comes to men.”

“I just think she’s hot.”

“Right. I got ya but word of warning. Don’t get your hopes up.” Amos stared out at the audience. “Not many have come out in this weather but I’m staying open so if you want to play, feel free.”

Paul snorted a laugh. “I see your guy over there taking in the cover charge so I think I better play. I’d hate for you to have to return those fees.”

“Hey, you’re the one who volunteered to put on a show. I merely put the word out that the man who usually gets at least a hundred dollars a ticket would be playing in his old buddy’s place this weekend.”

“Then let’s do it. Time to take these folks on a ride. Give me two minutes and I’ll be ready for the first song.”

“What are you leading with?” Amos asked as he stepped downstage.

“Wait and see.” Paul grinned, picked up his Gibson Les Paul maple topped electric guitar and adjusted the strap over his shoulder. He strummed the strings before plugging into the amp. He’d recently installed some new humbucking pickups to the instrument and was ready to test them on an audience. This set of pickups was supposed to suppress more of the hum from all amps and other equipment on the stage. He was skeptical about that claim but he was willing to try.

“You always were the secretive type.” Amos left the stage.

Paul watched his friend move around in the crowd and greet some of the audience.

In a few moments, Amos glanced over at Paul and slightly tilted his head as if to ask a question.

In response, Paul nodded then struck the first chord of the first song of the night. Something about a place called Katmandu. He snickered to himself and wondered if that was subtle enough for Amos.


  1. What is it about rock stars that is so darn appealing?? Great post!

    • I love them, too Vicki.


  2. Ooh, yum. This takes me back to the days when we followed our local rock star from The Royal Guardsmen. I’d love to hear a song about Karmandu.

    • Oooh, Flossie. I love the Royal Guardsmen. Lucky you.


  3. Absolutely love this story so far. The big boy returning to a small bar is great…can’t wait to see more.

    • Thanks Sarah. I am excited to get back to it. I haven’t worked on it since my injuries and am about ready to be working.


  4. Interesting- a rock star goes home, cocky attitude and all. Love it!

    • Thanks Jamie. He’s a fun one to write so far.


  5. Haven’t read a rock star story before. This one is charming and intriguing. I’m pulled in an loving the friendship here and Paul’s interest in the girl. Great story!

    • Thanks Jean. This is my first foray into a musician story. Glad you like it so far.


  6. Another nice snippet … can’t wait to find out subtle enough for what ….

    • Thanks Iris.


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