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Tuesday Tales – July 15, 2014- Picture Prompt

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This week, we have a photo prompt. Don’t you love this photo?

I’m still working on the nameless rock and roll story. I haven’t been able to find a name I want/like and it’s starting to annoy me. LOL. Since we had the Super Moon this past weekend, this prompt is timely for sure.

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Kat regretted her words to the singer almost as soon as she’d said them. She didn’t realize how rude she must have sounded until all the men at the table gaped at her in shock. Not being used to any of them thinking bad of her, she wanted nothing more than to back-peddle and not have said the words.

In an effort to reestablish the good mood of earlier, she stared up at the sky and pointed. “Look. Since the storm is over, the moon is out. Isn’t it gorgeous?”

“It’s full. No wonder people haven’t been acting normal.” Philip laughed. “Come on. I’m hungry. We don’t want to be late.”

Kat wasn’t sure if Philip’s words related to her and her rudeness earlier but she thought they might. Determined not to make a big deal about it, she grinned. “Maybe so. I guess you two know where this Charlie is?”

“We do. Come on.” Johnny led the way to his car. As they opened their doors, he said, “The moon is pretty, isn’t it? It lights up the whole area.”

“It’s always prettier to me after a storm.” Kat slid into the passenger side of the front seat.

“You two quit mooning over the moon and let’s go eat.” Philip got in the back seat behind Kat.

Johnny drove out of the parking lot and down the street.

Before she knew it, they were pulling into a parking lot in a strip mall. “What’s this?”

“Come on. You’ll see.” Philip led the way to the end of the building. There were no lights on in the front of the place and the closed sign was facing outward but he walked over and knocked on the door any way.

Kat looked up at the sign above the door. She read it out loud with a snicker. “Wok and Roll. Now that’s funny.”



  1. First … I hear ya loud and clear re the title. it bugs me big time when I don’t have a title for my story … and talking about title … loved the wok and roll as well … LOL
    AND stop mooning over the moon.
    Great snippet this week ….

    • Thanks Iris. If the romance was between the owner of the restaurant and the rock star, wok and roll would be an awesome title, wouldn’t it? Lol.


  2. Great last line and loved the, ‘quit mooning over the moon’. Cute…I hate trying to write a story without a title. I simply can’t do it, but it looks like you’re doing a great job….

    • Thanks Tabs. It’s very hard to have a title less story. Lol. I’m glad you liked the lines.


  3. I`m the same way with titles. It bugs me to begin a story and not have a good title for it. Great excerpt and superb last line!

    • Thanks Vicki. I hope a title will come soon. Erg! Glad you liked the line and excerpt.


  4. Cool excerpt. Love the humor of the last line. I’m drawn in by their relationships and am looking forward to more. The perfect title will come!

    • Thanks Flossie. I know it will- just getting impatient. LOL!

  5. Heehee…Wok and Roll!! I love that!! As for the words…well done. I like the interchange between them.

    • Thanks Sarah. I’ve been waiting to use that name for a restaurant for a while. Hehehe.


  6. Great slice of life and creating a profile of Kat. Well done!

    • Thanks Jean.


  7. Great scene! I liked her thoughts, and her wishing she could retract her words. Loved ‘Wok and Roll’.

    • Thanks Trisha. I’ve been wanting to use that name for a restaurant for a while and finally figured out how I wanted it to come into play.


  8. I enjoyed the light humor

    • Thanks Stefan!

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