Posted by: Author | July 25, 2014

Friday Facts- July 25, 2014- Detroit

200px-Antoine_Laumet_de_La_Mothe,_sieur_de_CadillacThis is going to be super short but was too cool not to share. The city of Detroit in Michigan was founded on July 24, 1701 by the French explorer/adventurer Antoine Laument de La Mothe, Sieur de Cadillac (how’s that for a mouthful of a name?). He was born in France but moved to New France on the American continent – the area stretched from what we now as eastern Canada  and down to Louisiana.

He founded a fort in this territory and called it Fort Pontchartrain du Detroit on that date in 1701 which was 313 years ago yesterday. Interestingly, the city of Cadillac, Michigan was named after him as well. AND, if you’ve ever been to Louisiana, I bet you know where Lake Pontchartrain is, don’t you? This dude had some far-reaching influences, didn’t he?

Anyway, all that above leads me to the way cool Friday Fact I wanted to share. My love of symmetry comes into play here for sure.  Detroit was founded 313 years ago yesterday and guess what their telephone area code is?  Yep, you got it. 313.  How cool is that? And could it ever happen to another city?


  1. Interesting. How do you find these facts? Or do you just stumble across them?

    • Oh, and sometimes I look up “this date in history”

    • Some of them I already know and dig out of my brain, some of them come in up conversation and I have a file folder in Word that I save ideas in for FF, and this particular one, I heard on the radio about the area code and date so I researched it further. I have Sirius radio and the guy on 60s on 6 in the morning- Phlash Phelps is a font of knowledge. I sometimes grab stuff her says and use that.

  2. Wow, he did have a reach on him. That’s some significant influence. And the 313 is a great extra fact. Very cool!

    • He sure did have a reach. Love it. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


  3. I love that a Cadillac founded Detroit.

    • Me, too Flossie. Seems symmetrical to me. And I love that


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