Posted by: Author | July 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday



  1. Uh-oh! For a while my parents had an argument every morning because of our cat. She used to unroll the potty paper at night.My father would turn it around so she could not unroll it, but it would be clawed so much it would be useless, as it came off in shreds. My mother would turn it so that Puccini would just unroll it, but it could be used,(if only for clean-up).It just depended on who got to the bathroom last because in the morning the parental fur would fly when one asked, “Why did you turn the toilet paper around? I had fixed it.”
    Look at Hobbes! Is the attitude, “OH, you saw me” or just “What?”

    • He didn’t care one bit that he was caught. We’re just taking up space in his world.

  2. Uh oh is right. I hope he doesn’t go for the toilet paper, too. Cuz that paper towel roll is looking pretty close to shredded. (Hi to Hobbes!)

    • Funny thing, Laurie, He never messes with the toilet paper. Don’t plant any ideas!! LOL

  3. What a character. He does have that look like he doesn’t give a — that he is caught.

    • Yep. He was totally busted and did not care one iota. LOL

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