Posted by: Author | August 1, 2014

Friday Facts- August 1, 2014- Elvis Laughing

Not really a FF today but something I wanted to share since I love it so much. This is an awesome audio/video and shows what a great guy Elvis had to be to  hang out with. His laughter is contagious. I defy you to watch this and not smile.

Youtube Elvis Are you Lonesome Tonight





  1. He was such an adorable fellow. I’m smiling.Thanks!

    • Contagious laughter

  2. Yep. Grinning from ear to ear. Thanks for the Friday smiles. That’ll carry me through the day and then some. 🙂

    • It was so awesome, wasn’t it? I couldn’t resist sharing.

  3. I laughed with him. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard one of his songs or saw an old movie. It’s funny how generation after generation has fallen in love with this man. And, they said he couldn’t sing or.. Should motivate us all to follow our dreams.

    • Amen Lavada. He’s awesome. I laughed with him too. And Sam Phillips who owned Sun Records is related to us. My dad’s grandma was sister to Sam’s grandfather. Which I think means 2nd cousin once removed. Maybe. I studied that in law school – consanguinity- but can’t recall the specifics. Maybe a future FF. Lol


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